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Containers For Plants - Think Outside the Square

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Keter Cozies Knit Planter Set, Small + Medium

Are you looking for a planter set that's contemporary yet feels homey and nostalgic? Stop looking because Keter is introducing the next generation of planters with its KNIT collection. 

You'll love the way the eye-catching cozies planter set integrates beautiful texture together with a unique feel and stylish design that complement any home or patio furniture. 

The detail on the resin planters is remarkable, as it has been designed to give you the intricate, interlocking woven knitted pattern of a braided knit-style design. 

These durable knit-style flower pots are ideal for indoor or outdoor use because they're made out of Polypropylene resin, and able to withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear. In fact, they continue looking like new from one season to the next even if they're kept in the garden, patio or anywhere outdoors. 

Thanks to the sealed inner bowl and drainage plug, these flower pots work just as well as indoor d├ęcor accent pieces. Finding the perfect planter set for your garden, porch, home office, kitchen or anywhere else in or around your home is a breeze. 

Top Features 
• Set includes 2 Cozie planters (medium and small) 
• Medium: 2.48 gallon capacity 
• Dimensions Medium: 14.17 in W x 14.17 in. D x 8.98 in. H 
• Small: .85 gallon capacity 
• Dimensions Small: 11.02 in. W x 11.02 in. D x 7.09 in. H 
• Coordinates well with the Cozies Large Planter 
• Removable liner with drainage plug included for easy plant maintenance 
• The Cozies Knit planters are offered in a fresh color palette that provides a warm & cozy feeling that will complement your home decor style, so there is no need to fear that it won't work with the color scheme in your home 

If you have been looking for the perfect planter set with a remarkably unique look, the Keter Cozies Knit Planter Set with its unparalleled 3-D knit-style design is for you.

Functional flower pots
Small and medium sized flower pots are a perfect setting for your household green or flowering plants. Your home or garden plants will look striking in the stylish open-weave knit.

Durable Knit inspired resin texture
The Keter Cozies Knit resin material is able to withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear. It is weather resistant and will not fade, rust, dent, stain or unravel like wicker baskets.

And it's not just a planter.

Various uses:

  • Home or garden planters
  • Decorative baskets for bits and baubles
  • Attractive thoughtful gift
  • Will accent any home decor
  • Patio furniture accessories

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