Saturday, April 26, 2014

Making Green Smoothies For Meal Time

A very good way to get your daily dose of nutrition and to cut out fat is drinking green smoothies. As the name suggests, these smoothies are made mainly by blending greens such as spinach, kale, dandelion greens, celery and parsley. And, by blending them with other green fruits like grapes, avocado, pears or apples you not only have a nutritional but also a tasty smoothie ready in a matter of minutes. Those who have chosen to live a healthy lifestyle usually drink green smoothies during meal times. Here are some ideas you can use prepare green smoothies for meal time.

What is the Best Time for a Green Smoothie?
You can choose to have this healthy drink anytime you want during the day, but having one during a meal does wonders for your metabolism. This in turn, reduces your craving to snack as well. One of the best times to have a green smoothie is during breakfast time. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that there is no better and healthier way to begin your day.

If you get into the habit of having a green smoothie for breakfast, you will not feel the need to wake up with caffeine anymore. Here is one simple smoothie idea you can use to boost your day. To make this easy and tasty drink, use a bunch of spinach, a few large green grapes and about half an avocado. Blend it all in for a great tasting smoothie that can serve as a great metabolism booster. What's more, once you make it a point to drink a smoothie for breakfast, you will no longer have to depend on that cup of coffee you just cannot seem to wake up without.

The next best time to have a green smoothie is during lunch. Most people find themselves at fast-food joints since lunch breaks are usually short. We can offer a better solution instead. At lunch time treat yourself to a kale, pear and spinach smoothie. Once in a while you can also add in a banana to give yourself that extra boost you may feel yourself needing. This smoothie is as healthy as it gets, for it is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.

A Green Smoothie for Lunch
Even though kale is not very tempting to be consumed by itself, when blended with pears in a smoothie it really does tingle your taste buds! Instead of grabbing a "quick bite" at lunchtime, treat yourself to this smoothie. It can be made in the morning and carried in a thermos, or if you are carrying it in your drinking cup, you can always get to work and refrigerate it in the lunch room or cafeteria at your workplace.

If you are making a drink for meal time such as breakfast and lunch, you can well do without having one for dinner. In fact, it's better if you avoid a green smoothie for dinner, for it sometimes tends to cause gas or bloating. Have a healthy dinner of lean meats and vegetables instead.

Having green smoothies during meals does you a world of good. So, if you want to lead a healthy and fit life and manage your weight, a healthy blend of green vegetables and fruits is just the thing for you!

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