Thursday, May 1, 2014

Handbags Are A Girl's Best Friend

Gone are the days when fashion was only about clothes. Nowadays, everything you use says something about you: your mobile phone unit, the perfume you wear, most especially the bag you carry around.

Like most things that become popular and in demand, handbags come is various sizes and types; to accommodate as diverse a target market as possible. One person can come to own several handbags of different types and sizes since which one to use will highly depend not just on purpose (what needs to be carried or brought) but also on the outfit, the event being attended, or where one is going.

Messenger bags, for example, are usually brought to work, especially for those who have to travel some distance to get to and from the office or whose jobs involve going around as opposed to sitting in front of a work station all day.

This type of handbag is also great for a sleep over, or for malling with the kids, or for tourists walking around. It's usually a crossbody bag so it's convenient to carry around and matches mostly any type of attire from everyday jeans and shirts to a sporty get-up. It is bigger than other types of handbags so it fits more and it usually has more pockets (externally and inside) for better segregation and easier access.

Clutch bags, on the other hand, are smaller purses usually matched with evening dresses, gowns, and attires for formal occasions. This type of handbag is more compact and can usually be carried between the arm and the torso or by one hand like a slightly bigger version of a carry-on wallet.

It's size, however, limits what can be carried in it; usually just a mobile phone, some cash, a lipstick, a compact press powder, and some tissue would already be hard to fit in it without working it, like how you would try to fit as many clothes on one suitcase for a weekend getaway. They usually come with detachable cords so they can also be carried on the shoulders as deemed appropriate.

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