Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Keep Moving Forward Quotes

Think about it for a moment....

 What comes to mind when you hear this statement? Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this.
However, the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear this comment is "being resilient." From a young age, I've always prided myself on being resilient and overcoming obstacles. It was drilled into my head that what does not kill me will only make me stronger. Whether it's people or situations, adversity is truly just a part of life. How you respond will make a world of difference.

The next time that you find yourself in a difficult predicament, I would like you to think about the following tips on how to Keep Moving Forward:

 Don't Allow the Situation to Overtake You - Keep busy with what is most important to you whether that is your family, job, friends, or just hobbies. Utilize this time to re-familiarize yourself with what makes you tick and how to be a better person. Do an honest assessment of your strengths & weaknesses and always strive to make the necessary improvements. I know that it sounds cliche but if you look hard enough, there is a silver lining around every dark cloud.

Focus - Think about the solution and not the problem. No matter how much you think about the problem, the reality is that you can not go back in time to change things. Living with regrets is a natural part of life but you can't beat up on yourself. You have to know when to let things go. Focus your energy on making sure that your problem never occurs again by learning from the experience. After doing so, I'm sure that you will find this a better use of your time.

Have Great Surroundings - Some say that, "the strong stands alone" but I feel that having a great network of friends around is extremely critical in a time of need. This network of friends should be composed of people who wholeheartedly support you and are not just the ones who tell you what you want to hear. Great friends do not come around often so it is up to you to realize who falls into this category, so that you can reciprocate the same love and support for them.

Be Positive & Optimistic - The way you view things is everything! Personally, every time that I have ever been faced with adversity, I chalked it up to a growing. I always have total faith that my pain is only temporary. According to many books and/or individuals, some people actually embrace adversity since it helps to build character. Thinking long term with your goals and aspirations will definitely help keep things in perspective.

Remember That Success Is the Best Revenge - It's a waste of energy to seek out revenge on anybody/thing that has brought you misery. Just live your life and be happy - I know that it's easier said than done. The fact of the matter is that if someone has intentionally done you wrong, the last thing that they want is for you to be happy. Do not even think about this person and give them the satisfaction. Just do your best not to feed into their goal, realize that the worst thing that you can do to this person is to just be happy and successful.
Change is definitely inevitable. Once that concept is grasped, I believe that one will be able to master the art of Overcoming Adversity. A great quote that I think applies is, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

Bottom line is that everyone will experience some sort of diversity within their lifetime but the choices you make will determine if you are going to be able to Keep Moving Forward!

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