Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gear Up For Winter - Makeup Ideas For the New Season

The colder weather is here to stay - at least for a little while. That means woolly jumpers, tights and over the knee boots for your wardrobe - and dark, glamorous plums, wines and berry hues for your face. Your winter makeup palette can really add a touch of glamour and sultry style to your cold weather look. This season is a mixed bag of goodies when it comes to makeup ideas. You'll see plenty of dramatic eyes and vivid colours and equally as many nude, fresh faces - so there's something for everyone! Winter is the perfect time to update your look and create a brand new you. Say goodbye to the fresh face, sun kissed tones from the summer and upgrade your make up kit with these winter classics:

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1. Eye makeup - while you're bundled under layers of the latest winter fashion pieces, your face - and especially your eyes - really take the spotlight. Go for a smoky appearance with dark browns and charcoal shadows for stand out eyes. Choose a voluminous mascara for bold, thick and dramatic lashes to complete the look.

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2. Foundation - matte skin is in this season and models are sporting pale hues with bold eyes and sweeping cheeks dominating the facial canvas. A makeup primer will help you achieve an even matte finish when coupled with a good mineral foundation that matches your skin tone. Winter Tip: if you notice any patchy, dry spots after you apply your foundation, you can dab a dollop of moisturiser over problem areas to help reduce their flaky appearance.

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3. Moisturiser - there's no avoiding dry skin during the winter months and a good face moisturiser will be critical to your skincare routine. Moisturise well and often to keep skin hydrated and looking healthy. Remember exfoliate regularly and banish flaky, parched skin for good! Winter Tip: you can try mixing a bit of moisturiser with your liquid foundation to help even out dry skin patches.

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4. Lips - dark, dramatic hues are in demand this winter - look for deep berries and plum lipsticks to add to your collection. Try layering different shades, for example your summer nudes can be glossed up for the cold with a mauve gloss on top.

For the "Natural Look" If you want to stick to a more natural look this winter, you're in luck - nude is in! Choose a mineral foundation for flawless looking skin and top it off with simple mascara and nude lips. Balance your look with bold, well defined eyebrows or try some bright red lipstick for a more feminine and classic look. Winter is the perfect time to reinvent your look - what's your winter makeup tip?


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