Sunday, November 16, 2014

Three Day Detox Diet - A Gentle Introduction to Detox

The three day detox diet is a best way to begin if you are want to try detox for the first time. There are many 3 day detox diets method to choose. It is very manageable if you choose wisely and prepare well.

3 day detox diets generally consist of a 3 day fresh juice or green smoothie fast, a diet of only raw fruit and vegetables and their juices, a vegetarian diet with both raw and cooked food or a brown rice diet.

Why detox?

The purpose of the 3 day detox is to clean the toxins from the body. People is exposed to chemical toxin these days that come from water, the air and food. Toxins will damage tissues and cells if they are allowed to build up.

Preparation is the key

First you should prepare for the 3 day detox for a week and it will be much easier to do. Start by gradually cutting down on  alcohol and caffeine. Be sure to drink at least 6 - 8 x 8 oz glasses of pure water a day too.

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Reduce your intake of refined, junk foods, processed foods, sugar and foods containing it, fatty or red meat. Increase your intake of vegetables and fresh fruit. You can replace the regular tea and coffee with fruit or herbal teas and coffee substitute. If you like green tea, you can drink it.

A three day detox diet plan:
On rising: Start the day with a glass of lemon water. Just add a tablespoonful of fresh squeezed lemon juice to filtered water.

Breakfast: Feast on fresh fruit or have a large green smoothie.

Mid-morning: Fresh vegetable juice - Beet (beetroot), celery and carrot is good or try apple, carrot and ginger.

Lunch: A large mixed vegetable salad. Add some sprouted beans or seeds and dress with a little cold pressed oil and lemon juice.

Mid- afternoon:  Eat some more fruit or have another green smoothie or fresh vegetable juice.

Dinner:  Have another large salad or a plate of steamed vegetables with brown rice, quinoa, or millet. Add plenty of chopped fresh herbs for flavor.

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After the three days you can gradually introduce more foods but make sure they are healthy. Going back to junk food and sugar and fat will just undo all you've done.

Experiment a bit and try one day of juice fasting on the second day or extend the 3 day detox diet for a few more days. It will improve your health.

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