Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clear Your Acne This Month - 7 Things That You Need To Do

Do you want to cure your acne this month? Perhaps, many of you will moan, "Why should I wait for a month to cure my acne? I want to cure it tomorrow!" Well, I understand your concern, but unfortunately, it can't happen. If it were possible for you to cure your acne tomorrow, no one will be so depressed to get rid of his or her acne. You can get rid of some of your little pimples tomorrow, but for big and severe acne, you just can't do it. You need to work harder in order to cure it. So, that's why I ask you this question: "Do you want to cure your acne this month?" If your answer is "yes" (with a big enthusiasm), then I will help you. But, if you are still expecting a better plan, I can only say "Good luck with your endeavor!"

So, what's your answer? If you are enthusiastic about your wish to cure your acne this month, I will share with you 7 things that you should do. Here they are:

1. Cultivate your happy self
Happiness is the ultimate cure for all diseases. If you are happy with your life, then you'll have very little chance to get any kind of disease. If you are unhappy, then lots of diseases will come to your body. Acne is no exception. If you want to cure it once and for all, you have to be able to build a strong foundation that will help you to clear your acne smoothly. Cultivating your happiness is an important thing for you to do because it will help you to double or triple the effectiveness of your body's healing mechanism.
What you should do: Be happy! I know that it's difficult (you might be depressed), but that's why I asked you to cultivate your happy self. So, try to cultivate that happy feeling within yourself and catch it when you have it.

2. Focus on reducing your stress
Thinking too much about your acne condition will make you feel stressed and depressed. This is the kind of feeling that will only make your acne worse. You know, research has shown that the more stress you have, the more persistent your acne will be. So, it is important for you to focus on reducing your stress and keep your mind relaxed.

What you should do: Try to relax your body and mind by applying the kind of relaxation techniques that work best for you. Here are a few examples: yoga, meditation, spa, massage, relaxation music, and sauna.

3. Get rid of your junk foods
Junk foods will not make your skin condition better because those foods will often give free radicals to your body and make your body to produce more acne. Remember that junk foods are not foods that contain healthy amount of nutrition that your body needs. Instead, they contain bad toxins that will get accumulated further within your body.

What you should do: Just get rid of the junk foods from your diet.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables more often
I know of many acne sufferers who don't like to eat fruits and vegetables. That's why their acne is getting worse day by day. If you want to really get rid of your acne, you have to give your body healthy nutrients to help it combat your acne from inside. Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods that will help your body to restore your clear skin.

What you should do: Eat more fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables) like crazy.

5. Focus on getting sufficient rest
Without enough rest, your body will not be able to do its healing process. You know, your body needs a lot of rest time in order to be able to cure your acne naturally. If you keep on sleeping late at night, without having sufficient rest during the day, you will eventually make your skin condition worse.

What you should do: I recommend you to have a sleep period of 10 hours each day, in the night and during the day.

6. Exercise and give fresh air to your body
Exercises will give your body a healthy blood and oxygen circulation, which are useful to restore your clear skin. If you never exercise and live only on the cubicle, then you will only make your acne worse because your body needs better and healthier blood and oxygen circulation. It will not only be healthy for your body, but also for your skin as well.

What you should do: Take some 30 minutes per day to exercise your body and 30 minutes per day to give your body enough air circulation. This routine will really help to heal your skin faster.

7. Keep your body clean
You cannot let dirt and oil to cover your body when you have acne. That's because it will only clog your pores and create an ideal environment for your acne to flourish. Keeping your body clean will help you to eliminate dirt and oil from your body, especially on your face and hair (those are important areas that will affect your acne).

What you should do: Keep your body, clothes, and environment clean from dirt and oil throughout the day.
Now, are you ready to get a clear skin this month? If you are ready, then you simply need to do the things above throughout the month, and you'll see the gradual improvement on your skin during this period.

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