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Why You Should Own a Pink Clutch Bag

The color pink is the choice among many fashion-conscious women, and carrying a branded pink clutch bag is the best way to show that you are in-tune with the latest fashion. The sex appeal associated with the color pink is undeniable, and pink clutch bags serve to amplify that to a great degree.

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Ilishop Women's Fashion Handbag Clutch
Benefits of carrying a pink clutch bag
Most renowned movie actresses have often been spotted carrying these bags, and quite understandably, you will be making a distinct style and fashion statement by showing these clutch bags. Whether you want a pink satin clutch or an pink evening style clutch, you will have all options available in the marketplace.
Apart from that, you will also be surprised about the benefit by the storage and organization offered by these tiny bags. There will be enough space for your regular needs like a cell phone, lipstick, comb, car keys and etc. But If you are the type of person to carry around books and other large items, then of course, it will fail you.

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HDE Fashion Leather Envelope Clutch with Drop-in Chain Shoulder Strap
These pink clutch bags can look classy and undeniably feminine with matching pink accessories. One suggestion is that you can choose to wear a neutral colored dress or a pastel, teamed with a white colored cardigan to go with a pink clutch bag. The bag will be the focus of your entire outfit and with the right combination of accessories, you will be in the center of attention in no time.

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Aldo Cantley Clutch
Where can i get a pink clutch bag?
You can find them in three places. First is your local specialty store. The second choice would be branded stores or departmental stores. But the best is to get one online. The reasons for getting your clutch bag online is that it can save you a lot of money. The same branded item will cost you twice if you were to shop in your local store.

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BMC Womens Synthetic Patent Leather Evening Clutch w/Black Cord Shoulder Straps
The downside of shopping online is that you have to wait for the product to be delivered to you after your purchased and very often it is hard to find the matching item by looking at pictures online. Here is one good suggestion, take a look at the bags offer in your local stores. Take note of the brand, color and size of the clutch of your choice and search them online.

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:HDE Quilted Crossbody Handbag with Metal Chain Strap
This way,you can feel your item and at the same time save you tonnes of money. Or you could do it in a reverse fashion. Look it up online first and then check your local specialty stores. I used to prefer to go to the local stores first as very often you can't find the type of bag offered online in your local stores. But after a few online purchases, i begin to understand the right size of bag that i want without having to visit the local stores. Shopping online for your clutches can definitely give you the strength of variety and low prices that the local stores fail to offer

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Creative Ways to Wear Your Sterling Silver Pendants

When you think of a sterling silver pendant, you may think of using it exclusively on a necklace. While this is the most obvious and original use, there are a number of ways that you can display your sterling silver pendants with a little creativity.

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Sterling Silver Swiss and London Blue Topaz Butterfly Pendant Necklace, 18"
First and foremost, your sterling silver pendant is a precious metal. It's durable, hard-wearing and this means you can maximize your wear without compromising the quality of your jewelry. With this in mind, consider using your sterling silver pendant as a charm. If you own a rolo bracelet, you can attach your pendant with a simple jump-ring. If you own any type of bracelet that will accommodate the bail of your pendant by placing it into the clasp, you will have the instant look of a charm bracelet. Best of all, you can easily remove the pendant and place it back on your necklace and this maximizes your jewelry wardrobe in a way that's truly 'charming.'

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Sterling Silver Marcasite Epoxy Tree of Life Pendant Necklace, 18"
If you have pierced ears, you may also be able to use two identical sterling silver pendants as charms by placing them on hoop earrings. Many bails will easily slide over the tube of a hoop earring, which gives you the instant look of earring charms. The most important aspect of this approach is to make sure that the pendants aren't so heavy that they pull the earring down or cause you discomfort. For this approach, a lightweight pendant is the best idea and will give you the best results.

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Sterling Silver and 14k Rose Gold Created-Pink Sapphire and Diamond-Accent Butterfly Heart Pendant Necklace, 18"
When worn traditionally, sterling silver pendants are beautiful. If you want to enjoy the look of a necklace but desire a more updated look, the task is simple. You can created a multi-strand necklace by threading several chains through the bail and wearing them as one necklace. If you're still in the mood for a different style, consider wearing your sterling silver pendant on a single necklace that measures 16" or 18". You can then frame this ensemble by adding a plain necklace that measures at least 2" longer than the one featuring your pendant. This gives you an updated look that's sure to be on trend and in style.

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Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Created Ruby Heart and Diamond-Accent Pendant Necklace, (.006 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18"
In conclusion, your sterling silver pendants can provide you with a stunning look in neck wear and they can also offer you versatile options when it comes to other jewelry items. By changing the look of your collection by simply using each piece to its greatest potential, you are truly getting the best value for your dollar.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sexy Plus Size Swim Wear

Are you speeding up your diet and pills for your upcoming swimming party? I must confess that I know how it feels when you only have a week of shedding off those unwanted fats. I had this experience, one time, when someone called me up for a date. It was not the usual date of just the two of us together, but we were with the guy's family. Oh my gosh! I needed to rush everything -- from my swim wear shopping to my dieting. I had only three days to do my best with my excess fats. So, I tried to wake up early the next day and tried to do sit-ups. Unfortunately, I decided to sleep again that morning. I had to think hard what to do with my fats because I had to make a good impression. Yes, it might be boring to you, but I believe in "first impressions last." Just imagine if they saw my triple layered tummy! Uhh... where's the curve, honey?

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Thank goodness I have a friend who is a know-it-all when it comes to fashion and design. So, here was her advise: wear black! Eureka! It was the best advise I have ever received in our entire friendship. She showed me this T.H.E. Front Skirted Tank. Online shopping, of course, is still the best! It fit really good. Black hid my flabs and it embossed my nice ass (J. Lo's ass? Nope, much larger than hers). This plus size swim wear gave me the confidence to feel I was sexy and hot.

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It is a black smooth tank that has a soft front skirt that you can tie around your waist, so you can also hide those fat thighs. It is 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex that is very comfortable to wear. You can move any way you like without worrying about wedgies or exposing those ugly bulgy thighs and tummies. The U-shaped design of this plus size swim wear emphasizes your back that is the sexiest part when you are under water. Furthermore, its straps are also adjustable so you can fit it well to your body. I had my T.H.E. plus size swim wear so I did not have to kill myself with tiring exercises anymore.

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There is also this Swirls Front Skirted Tank. Well, the only difference between the two is the design. The first one is in plain black, while the second one has a design of swirls and circles all over the swim wear. Both have skirts to cover a girl's excess thigh fats and to add more mystery to her sexy bottom without exposing it too much. Incidentally, most of my guy friends confessed that they like it more when they see a covered body of a girl than an exposed one because for them a mysterious girl is more attractive. So, girls go for skirted tanks! Moreover, the swirls and circles in this swim wear divert the focus of the eyes to the design and not to your body shape anymore. This way, your multiple-layered flabs will somehow be hidden.

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For some who dislike wearing skirts when swimming, you can go for a simple tank. It is a plain one-piece swim wear that is best for your creamy white complexion. This will make you look gorgeous and astounding. Provided, you wear the magical color for all oversized women: black. Aside from the fact that black makes you look thinner, it emphasizes the color of your skin. Lastly, do not hesitate to flaunt your voluptuous body. Get rid of your intimidation and inferior complex because size doesn't really matter to someone who loves you, right?

5 Fun Spring Activities to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

The sun is shining and the birds are singing, but are you sitting on the couch? Spring is here, and with spring comes the fun opportunity to re-arrange your life by implementing healthy habits! These 5 healthy tips will give you great ideas for some fun activities you can count on to improve your health while you enjoy the fresh spring season.

1. Walking. When the weather turns warm and you start to see those first hints of spring, take a fun walk to enjoy the beautiful spring morning or evening! Walking is great for your health; a nice long morning walk is a healthy, fun way to start a spring day and to enjoy the weather before going to work! Walking gears up your metabolism and increases your energy for the rest of your day. You may even find that you want to start running with a group to shed some of that winter weight or even move on to a more difficult sport. However, if you are just beginning to exercise this spring after a long winter of inactivity, start by walking -- you will love it!

2. Spring Cleaning! You may be thinking, "I thought these were fun tips!" Still, what better feeling is there than walking into a clean, uncluttered home? Throwing out old junk, holding a spring yard sale or donating to charity are all great ways to both exercise and begin organizing your home. Once you have de-cluttered, start deep-cleaning throughout the house to achieve a little more healthy exercise with an end result that is fabulous. You can even take your healthy spring cleaning to the next level by making both your home and your habits eco-friendly!

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3. Cycling. Dust off your bike this spring, and take a fun spin through your neighborhood or local park. The healthy ride will relax your mind and strengthen your body. Spring bike riding can inspire quite a sentimental feeling; you may not even realize you are exercising in the process! Cycling in a group can also be fun. Biking is a great, healthy way to challenge yourself to push beyond your personal exercise limits.

4. Crafting. Though creating a craft or art project will not necessarily work you into shape, a creative, crafty spring project is a fun way to work out a positive mindset and to generate an overall feeling of healthy wellness. Building a birdhouse, painting a picture for your guestroom and setting out a porch swing are all fun, do-it-yourself projects that will simply beautify your healthy life! Fun, creative projects like these connect relaxing spring activities to a sense of productivity, rewarding you with the feeling of accomplishment and improving your mental health.

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5. Gardening. Last but not least, spring gardening connects exercise, fun, productivity and healthy living all together -- especially if you work in a vegetable garden! Planting a garden requires simply a sunny spot in your backyard, a few seeds or seedlings and some good, old-fashioned gumption! You can find a myriad of internet sites that will help you begin a healthy, beautiful garden. You can also gain fun, helpful advice from your local nursery or home improvement store. Spring gardening allows you to exercise as you produce something beautiful and to grow healthy produce while having a great time!

Spring is one of the best times of the year to begin new, healthy habits. Implementing all of these fun tips at once could be a little overwhelming, but pick one that really appeals to you, and try it as soon as possible! Spring will not last forever, but you can buy up this fun opportunity to start a healthy activity that will have a lasting impact on the way you live.

The Secrets of Yoga For Women

Are you ready to throw a chair through the window? PMS affects everyone differently. While all women suffer the inconvenience of the menstrual cycle not everyone has the same symptoms of PMS.

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If you find PMS gets you really agitated, find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. Position yourself about six inches from a wall and make sure you are parallel to it. Sit with your legs straight and then rotate on your buttocks to the right while swinging your legs up in the air. Your legs should now be straight up against the wall. Using your hands to help, wiggle your buttocks forward until they are touching the wall.

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Start breathing deeply in and out. Slowly open your legs as far apart as is comfortable. You are not looking for a leg stretch here; you are looking to totally relax your body. In this position your spine is in neutral, so it's very relaxed. Now you need to focus on your breathing and listening to the beat of your heart. Mediate on the beats. Imagine that each beat is a pulse from the sun. A warm gentle pulse of energy. In your mind, picture the sun pulses in total sync with your heart beat. See each ray of sunlight as it strobes outwards from the sun to the earth. Relax and breathe.

Now on the opposite end we have the onset of menopause. Menopause can be very aggravating due to fluctuations between being hot and cold. You put a sweater on and five minutes later take it off. There are a number of symptoms but let's look at getting some relief. Yoga can balance the endocrine system and help in leveling out the surging hormones.

There are several great poses that will be of benefit. Forward bending poses are the best for menopause issues. The downward dog helps you to focus inward. You will reflect on your new beginning and see menopause as a new challenge.

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Humans only grow when they have challenges and goals to reach. When we are tested and overcome, it gives positive meaning to our lives. A fine example would be the female who in her 80's decided that mountain climbing was much better than sitting home in a rocking chair. Embrace change and make it your friend.

Inversion poses help to recharge you. Try the handstand or even the plough. Many females have reported that by doing the handstand, their hot flashes were kept to a minimum.

To perform the handstand by yourself, (try to find a partner) it is best to have perhaps a futon for cushioning until you are able to stay in an upright position. Place the futon or even several thick blankets on the floor in front of a bare wall. Next, kneel in front of the wall about six inches away. Cross your arms and place them on the floor. Position your head against your arm and walk your feet up until you are in a triangle.

From here, kick your feet up so that your feet and legs are now against the wall. Since you may lose this position the first few times you try it, you will be thankful for the futon or blankets. When you are able to get up and hold this position, start focusing on your breathing. Hold for as long as comfortable.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring-Ready Hair: Hot Ideas for Hairstyles 2015

Spring is all about new beginnings - and your hair is a great place to start! Now that Spring is almost here, let the fresh weather inspire new ideas for your hairstyle. Get professional hair salon's stylists' top suggestions to bounce your hairstyle back to life for gorgeous looking hair during throughout the spring season.
The winter chill can leave your hair feeling fragile and dry, thirsting for nourishing hair treatments. Warmer weather means more days spending time outside in the sunlight which means it's also time to prepare your hair for UV rays and warmer conditions. Whether it's a cut, treatment or color treatment, your hair will be spring-ready with professional hairstylists' top recommended tips and best hair products for revitalizing your hair.

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Begin with a Hair Treatment
The dry chill of winter can be especially hard on your hair. Counter winter's harsh effects with a professional salon hair treatment to lock in moisture and restore shine. Talk to your stylist about deep conditioning salon services, such as a Keratin treatments or Hair Glazes which will help regain lustrous hair.
To nourish dry, damaged hair between visits to the stylist, use salon products such as Nourish Urgent Repair Treatment by Eufora. If hair is color treated, be sure to use a color treated product line such as Affinage or Goldwell Nectaya.

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Get a Hair Cut
Bring hair back to life with a trim to rid yourself of any split ends accumulated during the bitter cold winter months. Feeling daring? Now's a great time for short and medium length haircuts. Try a trendy new short hair cut, like the Asymmetrical Pixie or Choppy Bob. Medium and long lengths can try out flirty new bangs, play with the angle of cuts, or add in fun new layers for warm weather looks.

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Switch Up Your Products
Changes in the weather may require changes in your hair products. More humid, sunny conditions require protection from sunlight and higher humidity. Due to the increased exposure to the sun's harsh rays in the Spring and Summer months, stylists recommend using thermal protecting hair care products. Ask your stylist for product recommendations to boost and protect your hair this spring. A few of our favorites for voluminous, shiny hair: EuforaStyle Elevate, Kevin.Murphy Plumping Wash and Rinse, and Volumizing Shampoos.

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Get a Color Boost
Spring is a great time to play with color, especially dimension-adding highlights and lowlights. You'll brighten your complexion, add depth to your hair - and besides, they're just fun! Ease into the warmer months with strategically-placed ribbons of color, particularly around your face. If your hair got dull and dark over the winter, blonde or red highlights will brighten your locks for a fresh look.
The winter chill may have left your hair feeling dry and drab, but your hair will look and feel fabulous after trying these with professional stylists' tips for spring-ready hair.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Plus Size Clothing For Spring You Are Guaranteed to Love

Winter and autumn are the best seasons for the plus-sized individual. With the excuse to put on layers and to hide in baggy clothes amidst the numbing cold, full-figured individuals find a characteristic comfort that is easily destroyed once the ice melts and the flowers begin to grow. Spring and summer are the most colourful seasons. Contrary to the dullness of winter months, spring brings with it a lovely beginning that is inundated by a lot of radiance and hue.

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These two seasons are the worst seasons for women with large builds, as it gives them very little opportunity to mask the bodies they are so uncomfortable with; dressing up is not really something they look forward to.
The truth, however, is that spring and summer should be enjoyed by all, and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it. All you need to understand is that plus size clothing has evolved through the years - and now, more and more designs and styles are available. So if you are a plus-sized individual and you are having trouble with dressing up in time for spring, here are some tips you can follow:

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- Do not be afraid to layer. You can wear a very sexy low-cut vest underneath a blouse or dress. This will allow you to play with your curves, by hiding them, while still remaining fashionable for spring. Do not put on heavy jackets to cover your body. A nice sleeveless vest would do.

- Crop it up. Enjoy a pair of cropped or Capri pants that will be best to keep you cool during the warmer days.

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- Wear a skirt. The best skirt design for the plus-sized individual is an A-line skirt. This will be best for masking your figure as it will effectively balance your figure and give the impression of an hour-glass shape.
- Sheer is in. Sheer and soft fabrics are good for spring. They are very feminine and sexy, and this fabric falls perfectly over the body, avoiding the curves, so it is the perfect material for plus size clothing.

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- Soft, not loud. You want colours - but stay away from the very loud and bold ones. You want to be able to look bright and sun-shiny, but pastels would definitely suit you best.

- Pretty prints. Spring fashion is all about fun. Spring fashion is all about flowers and prints. Do not shy away from printed dresses just because you think they will not look good on you. Do not wear dresses with very small or very large prints; in this case, medium-sized prints would be best. Also, if you decide to wear a dress with prints all over, make sure to get one with just a few of them scattered in the front or near the neck line.

- Dress it up with nice foot wear. Feel sexy and improve your posture by wearing higher, strapped heels. These will look sexy on your feet and you will feel sexy too!

- Cover up with jewellery. If you have a bigger chest area, you can take the attention away from it by accessorising with large chunky jewellery.

The key to dressing up for spring is to feel the lovely weather outside and embrace it. You will look good in anything you wear if you feel confident about it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grey Hair - How Did Grey Become the Hot New Hair Colour?

Grey hair on women used to carry a certain stigma, but these days young starlets are rushing out to replicate the silvery sheen traditionally associated with their more well-travelled counterparts.

This article gives a lowdown on the new trend for grey hair. Read on to find out why grey has become so popular, which celebs are embracing this fresh new look, and how you can achieve it yourself.

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Why is grey hair suddenly so popular?
Grey hair is sometimes considered to be undesirable, and many people choose to cover up or dye theirs. However, if treated properly, naturally grey or dyed grey hair can be an extremely stylish and elegant look. In fact, grey has hit the headlines recently with stylish celebs stepping out while sporting newly silver locks, this bold new effect just screaming 'look at me!'

Inspired by those fashion leaders, the trend is now catching on with young fashionistas everywhere, who are keen to challenge the norm, make a stand against the traditional 'silver stigma', and experiment with this radical choice.

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Who's doing it?
Kate moss, Kelly Osbourne, Kelis, Pixie Geldof and Ellie Goulding are just some of the big names who have recently joined the grey brigade, and each of them has interpreted the style in their own individual way. All of these stars, though, cleverly match their silky silver hair with perfectly cared for, youthful-looking skin and vibrant make-up to ensure the look is more edgy than ageing.

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How to achieve the look:
The first step to achieving silvery locks is to bleach the hair from root to tip to a very light blonde. From here, it will be possible to add the grey colour with a toner, the key being making sure you keep it in for the right length of time. This look is tricky to achieve solo and you might want to head to a salon so a stylist can work their magic on you instead.

Remember, bleaching is hard on your hair and you need to adapt your hair care routine to counteract the drying effect it can have. Opt for a deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner from top hair care brands like Kerastase or Tigi, to keep the hair looking smooth and silky.

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Hair care tips for naturally grey hair:
Naturally grey hair can be a highly chic and bold look, but for the best results greyer hair needs to be looked after with the correct hair care products, normally including moisturising shampoos and conditioners. There are professional 'anti-aging' hair care shampoos available which will add moisture to the hair and control the cuticle. Greying hair may also need conditioner colour enhancers as grey hair tends to absorb pollutants from the air, and can otherwise look as though it has become stained by tobacco.

Professional hair care products can make all the difference to grey or greying hair, bringing out the shine and volume needed to create a really strong impression, and keeping the colour vibrant and clean. Ask your stylist to recommend the right types of hair care products for you, and be prepared to spend a little more if you want to achieve the best results. Make sure you treat your silver locks properly and they should stay shimmering and shiny every day!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Naturally Beautiful Spring And Summer Makeup In 10 Easy Steps

How do you get that radiant look for Spring and Summer?

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Spring and Summer featured lots of pretty new looks. Smokey dramatic eyes are favoured by some designers while bright red lips are other designers' choice.

Nude makeup is back, but so is that naturally pretty look that you might see on a radiant bride. Sort of. This season's look is more like a garden nymph.

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One look that stood out was that green eyed beauty look. That's a head turning look at a garden party. Perfect for spring and summer.

Here's how you get that look in just 10 steps.
1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face. Get the base right if you want the makeup to look great.

2. Any zits? Hide them with a concealer. Keep your eyes fresh with an undereye concealer is your must. Get them sparkly with eye drops.

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3. Apply your makeup foundation with a wet sponge or finger tips. Whichever you are more adept with.
4. Pick a little loose powder with a large powder brush. Dust off the excess and apply it over entire face, including eyelids (keep eyes closed).

5. Take a large blush brush. Dip it into bronze powder, coral blush or peach blush, whichever looks best on you. Dust off the excess on the back of your hand. Then use the brush and apply blush on forehead, cheeks and chin for an all over glow.

6. Apply green eyeshadow over the entire eyelid from lashes to crease.

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7. Use a white or beige shimmer eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone.

8. Draw a fine line with kohl on your lower lashline and just above upper lash line. If you are blonde, use a brown liner. If you are brunette, use black.

9. Apply 2 coats of mascara on your lashes, allow the mascara to dry between applications.

10. Use a lipbrush to line and fill in lips with a peach or coral lipstick.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring & Home Decorating - A Fresh New Look

Spring is most awaited and welcomed season, as it is much brighter and warm season which signifies new life, new beginning and new hope. Spring is also considered as a season of splashing and refreshing colors. This invigorating environment lightens the mood and brings a desire to rejuvenate the home. Yes, we are talking about bringing spring color to home by decorating it with beautiful spring decor.

Best way of enjoying this season of rebirth and renewal is by adding substance and vitality to home which brings freshness. This can be done, without doing any major make over, but with little and brief changes, by applying few and simple rules which set the tone for much lighter and brighter spring. Following are some inexpensive and highly effective ways which will motivate you, while making the most of your spring decorating dollars.

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Lighten up your mood: Spring decor is all about soothing atmosphere. Lightening is a simple and affordable way to spruce your home. Set up a light mood by replacing curtains/tapestries, slipcovers and bedding with organic sheets and materials, choose light colors that soothe your eyes as well as brighten up the entire room. Pale tones and light pastel shades like green, beige, off white, peach, are best for spring decor. You can even enhance this mood with fluorescent bulbs or putting the light fabric curtains on windows.

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Play with colors: As spring is also about colors and brightness, so don't hesitate to play with bright colors along with pastel shades. For spring, wide range of colors can be used for home decor forecast which include variations of orange, radiant gold, fuchsia, and green-based yellows. Framed piece of art on wall, with bright light touch, and bold colors can also help to add visual interest to a room. Keep a balance by pairing prints with solid decorative accents in your room.

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Pleasant Fragrance: Scents with enticing floral fragrance always set a fresh aroma. During spring, wide varieties of flowers are easily available. Roses, tulips, orchids, sunflowers, daffodils, daisies and carnations are some of the famous spring flowers. So you can make a beautiful flower vase by arranging these fresh seasonal flowers. If you do not get much options for fresh flowers then simply go delightful scent candles in honey and lavender flavors. Another option is room fresheners which you can spray according to spring theme of table clothes, curtains and other decorative fabrics.

Bring outside in: Spring comes with freshness, and you can make best use of it by opening windows. Breathing in fresh air is good for health and keeps house ventilated. As spring is a season of rebirth of fresh plants and flowers, so you can bring this natural goodness into your house and make it livelier. You can even plant flowers, plants, and some kind of vegetation outside window or at backdrop which helps to keep environment healthy as it adds oxygen. Placing plants inside is a very good idea and forms a perfect look for small and sunny spaces such as breakfast rooms and entryways.

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Clean out the heavy stuff: After winter it's time to pack all heavy fabrics which were used for winters and replace with light and airy fabrics. During winters, our homes tend to filled with lots of bulk and piles of things. But spring comes with cleansing of those things that are not in need. So replace heavier accent objects, with lighter pieces, or reposition artwork and add mirrors.

Every spring d├ęcor has a meaning. Spring decors normally include birds representing birth, lots of flowers and leaves representing freshness and beauty, wavy patterns and swirls representing fresh breeze that flows in spring. So, while purchasing stuff for spring, keep these things in mind. Smaller changes in a house can bring dramatic changes in your personality, behavior and confidence. Spring theme home decor will stir up for dull house and will bring life to your home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nail Art - Growing Form of Art

Fashion has been experimented with a lot of kinds of the art forms. The most happening and growing thing these days in the fashion is beautiful nail art. The fashionable women are decorating the nails in beautiful designs that are ranging from easy & understated to intricate & outrageous patterns. The nail art turns your nails in the small canvas. Lots of artistic designs are done on this small space. It is done by the freehand painting or else by making use of decorative materials such as glitters, gem stones, stars, stripes, dots, and so on.

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Freehand painting on the nails
Nails are painted freehand and it must be done with right care and right method. Prior to starting painting, the nails must be trimmed, cleaned & dried nicely. First apply base coat and then apply 2 coats of the desired nail colour according to design. After that start painting on this with brush and taking desired nail colours. While finished, let this dry. At an end apply the transparent top coat on complete design and this helps your art to stay longer. The beginners must begin with easy designs. Let the creativity flow through brush and it is geometric, floral, abstract according to your style. For the inspiration, you may browse through different nail art galleries on the internet.

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Expert nail artists
While nail art is done at home, but there are the professionals in the beauty salon for the job, called as 'nailist'. The professional nailist will do it in the better way. They make use of right materials & right techniques for making it just perfect.

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Nail stickers
The nail stickers are the readymade designs that are made in shape of nails and they are just pressed on your nails for getting the instant fix.

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Making use of accessories for nails
Lots of decorative gems, tiny flowers, foils, as well as other accessories are accessible in market that is used to give the nail art the 3 dimensional look. Earlier the nail paints were only available with the glitters and stars floating in. However, nowadays these materials are accessible separately. You can apply one small amount of the nail art sealer on the nail first and then pour some decorative items. Now choose desired items with help of the tweezer or manicure stick. After that place on nail very carefully and put pressure on it and let this dry for some time.

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Popularity of the nail art
The nail art first originated at Japan. However, it has gained popularity worldwide in last 10 years. The professional nailists are also growing in a lot of beauty salons now. Lots of institutions are giving courses on the nail manicure. Countries are also arranging the nail art workshops & exhibitions for promoting the trendy art form. Not just finger nails, but toe nail painting are also becoming latest trend. These development shows, this trendy, unique, as well as stylish form will stay longer & stronger in world of the fashion.

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