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How to Choose the Right Pointe Shoe for Ballet Dancing

In many ways, pointe shoes can be considered an dancer's extension. The most demanding feature of ballet shoe is how well it fits. Proper fit protects the dancer's feet, leg and ankles and makes en pointe work possible.

There are a number of styles and brand available, and no singe types of shoe is built for every dancer. For a dancer, strength and shape of the foot should be considered in finding the best pointe shoe.

Bloch Pointe Shoes

There are many different style of  bloch pointe shoe including Alpha ¾ Sole, Triomphe, Concerta, Aspiration, Serenade, Suprima, Sonata and Sylphide.

Bloch Women's Sonata Pointe Comfort Ballet Flats

Beginner dancers will be suited to Suprima, Sonata or Sylphide. The Sylphide has broader widths than other Bloch pointe shoes and helps beginners with untrained feet roll up onto pointe more easily.

The Suprima will feel comfortable to advanced students and beginners as it provides good flexibility while maintaining good arch support.

Bloch Women's Aspiration Pointe Comfort Ballet Flats

Aspiration and Alpha pointe shoe are designed with the advanced student in mind. These shoes offer better arch flexibility , but if you do not have strong feet and ankles, these shoesshould not be worn

Capezio Pointe Shoes

There are several styles in Capezio Pointe Shoes, each intended for specific needs. The original Glissé features broad toe-box, a hard shank,  and a U-shaped vamp to allow dancers to roll up to pointe more comfortable.

Capezio Women's 102 Glisse Pointe Shoe

The Glissé ES offers the same, but with a harder shank. The Glissé Pro and Pro ES are intended for more experienced dancers and feature a back height and lower side, with a hard and medium shank respectively.

The shankless Demi Soft is based on the Glissé design, and intended for pre-pointe students.

The Plié style is best suited for dancers who need a vamp that extends beyond the toe. Plié I offers a medium shank, and Plié II features a harder #5 shank.

Capezio Women's 197 Plie II Pointe Shoe

The Tendu style offers a medium shank and boasts a quick break-in time. Tendu II has a broader box and wider platform.

Both Aerial and Pavlowa shoes feature a Russian-styled tapered box. The Aerial is best to support high arches, while the Pavlowa offers a harder shank, longer vamp and heel height.

The Contempora is an American-style wide-platform shoe with a longer vamp and lower heel.

Freed Pointe Shoes

Freed Pointe shoes are available in the Studio, Studio Pro styles and Classic. The various lines are designed for a specific level of dancer, as well as their physical requirements.

Adult "Classic Professional" Medium Pointe Shoes,SBTCP

The handcrafted Classic is particularly designed for the needs of the experienced or professional dancer. It features a deep, round vamp, but those needing more support will favor the deep V-cut vamp and stronger insole of the Classic Wing Block.

Adult "Studio Professional" Pointe Shoe

The Studio line is intended for the younger dancer and offers extra support. The Studio II style features a wider platform and lower profile than the original.

The Studio Pro is also designed for the younger dancer, but it includes a V-shaped vamp and ¾ shank for greater flexibility.

Grishko Pointe Shoes

The line of Grishko Pointe shoes features Eleve and Releve models. The Eleve include the Ulanova I and II.

These shoes are intended for dancers instructed to roll up on pointe. Ulanova I has a medium height vamp and versatile box for dancers with toes of an even or slightly varied length. Ulanova II has a deep vamp and is best suited for dancers with longer toes or narrow feet.

The Releve styles, Fouette and Vaganova, are designed to accommodate the Russian-style of springing on point.

The Vaganova has a deep vamp and tapered box. This style is particularly suited for dancers with a flexible arch, longer toes or narrow feet.

The Fouette has a broad box and wide platform best suited for dancers with shorter toes or wider feet.

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden® Pointe Shoe
Gaynor Mindon Pointe shoes is different from many brands. While manufacturers commonly feature a variety of styles, Gaynor Mindon instead designs shoes over six fitting options; heel, vamp, shank,, regular fit, sleek fit and size.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby Shower Decorating Ideas For a Cute and Inexpensive Baby Shower

When it comes to baby shower decorating ideas, the usual quandary most hostesses find themselves in is finding cute baby shower decorations that don't cost a lot of money. You don't want cheap-looking decorations, but on the other hand, you don't want to have to pay an arm & a leg just to have nice-looking decorations.

Here is the #1 rule to follow when decorating for a baby shower: Simplicity Rules! Baby shower decorations are not the reason people come to a baby shower. Decorations are accents that enhance the theme and feel of the party. So, a few tastefully chosen baby shower decorations will give your party the perfect touch - not too much, not too little. The secret lies with choosing classy yet inexpensive baby shower decorating ideas.

Use these 2 baby shower decorating ideas to give your party a beautiful atmosphere, yet without spending a lot of money:

1. Use Flowers.

image: party-wagon.com

image: designdazzle.com
When people see flowers, they see life, color, beauty and hope. Those qualities are exactly what we see in a baby as well. So flowers are the perfect decoration to complement a baby shower. You can match pink or blue flowers to the gender of the baby (or yellow for the "to be determined" baby). If you have a specific theme, like Winnie the Pooh for example, you could have red and orange flowers to match the Pooh theme.
Now, it is easy to spend $40 or more on a bouquet of flowers. But remember our rule: Simplicity! A simple, pretty bouquet of flowers in a vase would be perfect. You can buy a bouquet of flowers at most grocery stores starting at $6. A vase is another dollar or two. And voila! You have a fresh, vibrant feel for your baby shower! Beautiful AND inexpensive, the best of both worlds.

2. Buy Some Balloons.

image: pinterest.com/pin/228909593533817393/

image: findingsilverlinings.net
"But balloons are so common," some may say. Yes, but balloons are the universal symbol for a party! Balloons could never be out-of-place or in-bad-taste at a baby shower. Plus they are inexpensive! A balloon bouquet starts at around $5 at most party stores. You could go with baby blue, light pink, yellow, or any other color that matches your theme. Tie the balloons to the gift table, the expectant mother's chair, or scatter them throughout the party room. They look festive and remind your guests that this is a celebration!

image: designdazzle.com

image: party-wagon.com
Remember Simplicity. When it comes to baby shower decorating ideas, keeping it simple is key. Do not equate simple with cheap, poor quality, cheesy or tacky. Rather, these 3 simple, classy baby shower decorating ideas will add a simple & sweet feel to the baby shower that will give your party a fun, intimate, and memorable mood. AND you won't have to break the bank to do it!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

8 Simple Parenting Tricks

When becoming a parent you are told all kinds of information on how to do this or how to do that. It seems like everyone, even strangers feel the need to give you advice on how to take care of your child. They all are useless and outdated for today's society. I have put together the best tips that I learned along the way. Here are the 8 Parenting Tricks that I wish someone had told me:

image: todaysparent.com
1. Use a cooking scissors to cut up pizza for your kids. It's faster and you don't get cheese and pizza sauce everywhere.

2. Before the baby is born you have 9 months to prepare and stock up. So every time that you are in a grocery store and you see diapers and wipes on sale buy them. These items are expensive and will only go up in price by the time the baby is born. Not to mention you will need a ton of both these products.

3. Mylanta can be a great and fast cure for a babies chapped butt. Just put some on a cotton ball and dab on the area. This works fast and saves you from buying all the embarrassing names ointments like Butt Paste.
4. You are going to change a lot of pooped diapers. So, start saving all your plastic grocery bags in empty tissue boxes so that every time you change a poopy diaper you can put the diaper in a plastic bag and tie it up.

5. Always lean down and ask a child their name to avoid the embarrassing gender mix up. Trust me dads, it will save you from a dirty look from your wife.

image:  cometoorderva.com
6. Put a command hook on the back of a high chair to hold bibs. You will go through a lot of bibs, so this will help keep you organized and help you find a bib in a flash.

7. To remove a splinter without the pain of digging, apply a paste of water and baking soda to the area and wait until the splinter pops out.

8. Dads, invest in a few pairs of cargo pants that have a lot of pockets. Now that you have little kids you are responsible for everything, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, wipes, bibs and anything else your wife wants you to carry.

Stick with these simple parenting tricks and your life will be much easier.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Different Types Of Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are a mother's best friend. The name indicates the bag is designed for carrying diapers, but they are so much more. They are a purse, changer and feeder all in one. Modern sdiaper bags play a number of roles and with trendy styles look just as great with baby in tow as with hubby in tow. Unique designer diaper bags are popping up all over and are the trendy choice among moms. Personalized bags are part of the new wave in diaper bag fashion and have become a huge hit at baby showers.

The basic requirement for a diaper bag is to provide enough space for diapers. After all that's what they're called. The modern day has brought about diaper bags which not only provide space for diapers, but also for bottles, toys, clothing, camera, keys and cell phones. Separate compartments and storage areas are sprinkled throughout the bag in order to maximize space. Some diaper bags come equipped with a changing pad so mom can change baby on the spot. As with anything carried by a mother, fashion has stepped to the forefront in diaper bag design. Some diaper bags work just as well as a day bag for mom while running errands as it is with cleaning dirty diapers. Designer bags from the trendiest designers are becoming some of the most popular bags around.

image: poshtots.com

image: chiccousa.com
Diaper bags come in three basic styles. Diaper bag totes are the most common diaper bags. They are as stylish as designer handbags and often times are the ones that double as handbags. Diaper bag totes don't have as many storage pockets as backpacks but are often more aesthetically appealing.

image: bargains4babies.com

image: mommymommyland.com
Diaper bag backpacks make toting supplies easier because they are hands free. The backpack features a lot of storage space and pockets for carrying anything from diapers to a pair of dresses.

image: offbeatfamilies.com

image: examiner.com
Diaper bag slings are the latest trend in diaper bags. They resemble messenger bags and make life easier on the shoulders and back. Dad will love to carry around the diaper bag sling because it doesn't resemble the prototypical diaper bag and can often be mistaken for a professional bag.

The type of closure is important in diaper bag selection. Accessing the contents quickly and efficiently may be easier for some with zipper top. The zipper top is most common seen while the snap or tie helps open the bag quickly too. But, the contents can easily spill out with snap or tie opening. Most bags can wipe down easily with warm water. Insulated pouches can be found in high end bags.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Benefits Of Eating Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruit is one of the most healthy and natural foods in existence. There are thousands of different types of fruit available to eat, all of which provide us with strong health benefits. Fruit contains a large number of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and plant phytochemicals that help benefit health. It has also been shown that eating the whole fruit or juice is best to gain the benefits rather than taking supplements to provide each nutrient separately.

image: zackgrossbart.com
High levels of fruits, vegetables, greens and beans help you lose weight because they are low in calories, high in volume and high in critically important nutrients. On a very practical level they fill you up, without loading you up with fat and calories. And when your stomach is filled up with high volume, low calorie food, there is less room for other stuff. There is also a growing body of evidence that shows that plant-based foods help to control food cravings and overeating.

It has been recommended that we should be eating at least 5 pieces of fruit every day in order to gain the full health benefits of eating fruit. Fruit can also benefit many people wanting to lose weight. Energy consumption is thought to be mainly influenced by the palatability, fiber content, density of energy and the variety of foods. Eating fruit has the benefit of affecting some these factors. Fruit is also low in sodium so they help reduce the chance of gaining water weight.

Providing you are eating about one-third of the diet as fruits & vegetables, you should notice rapid weight loss because the ample fruit consumption helps fill the stomach faster encouraging less high calorie foods to be consumed. The total calorie consumption will automatically reduce even if we are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. There is such a variety of fruits available that many can be freely eaten without consuming too many calories thereby controlling weight more effectively.

The best fruits for weight loss are the ones that are high in fiber, low in calories, and high in Vitamin C. Having anything with high vitamin C content is always a good idea because Vitamin C helps to reduce fat absorption in the body. Eating fruits for weight loss will help you lose a few pounds a week because they are extremely feeling and extremely low in calories.

image: health.com
Bananas are even higher in fiber then apples are. The great thing about apples is that they are even more filling than apples are. The reason for this is that a banana is more densely packed with fruit then an apple is. The other great thing about eating a banana is that it is very easy to grab on the go. All you have to do to eat a banana is grab it off of your kitchen counter and pop it in your mouth. It only takes a few seconds to eat a banana! These reasons make the banana one of the best fruits for weight loss.


image: wikipedia.org
Apples are one of the best fruits for weight loss for several reasons. The first reason as to why apples are one of the best fruits for weight loss is that they are extremely nutritious. Apples have tons of vitamin C in them that can help you stay healthy active and fit. Vitamin C has been proven to help reduce fat absorption in the body. This is another reason as to why apples are one of the best fruits for weight loss on the face of the earth.

once again i would like to put that the best fruits for weight loss are the ones that are low in sugar and high in carbohydrates. The fact of the matter is that you can eat many different types of fruits for weight loss. There are several reasons as to why fruits are great for weight loss. One of the main reasons as to why fruits are great for weight loss is that they are high in fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that aids the digestive system in moving food throughout the body and eventually out of the body. The best fruits for weight loss are the ones that are filling and low in sugar.

*Potential for weight control
*More energy for exercising
*Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases
*Reduced risk of developing cancers
*Lower blood pressure
*Potential to lower cholesterol
*Reduced change of developing type 2 diabetes
*Potential to slow down age process

Gaining the benefits by eating more fruit,It can be quite easy to slip 5 pieces of fruit into the diet. Here are some tips..

1. Add dried fruit to breakfast cereal
2. Prepare fruit salads to last few days
3. Eat apple before leaving for work
4. Eat small piece 30 minutes before / after light workout
5. Drink more fruit juices 6. Find recipes that contain fruit
7. Always have a bowl of fruit in or near T.V

Finally, remember that you can't lose weight without exercising! Just remember, there are tons of fruits for weight loss!
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Tips for Parents of a Child With Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is greatly influenced by the significant people in children's lives. Parents, teachers or peers can make a dramatic impact on a child's value of his or her self, and can determine for a long time how that child values himself or herself. There are many opportunities for a parent that are helpful, and just may be able to turn the development of the self-esteem of a child or teenager into a very positive direction.

image: womansday.com
What you do to as a parent to help your child depends on many things. The age of your child, his or her personality, your personality, your way of parenting, cultural influences, economic conditions, and many more factors affect the possibilities to enhance the level of self-esteem in your child. Therefore, it is almost impossible to give personalized advice for everyone within the limits of this article.

• Be a positive role model. The way you handle yourself and your affairs is the most important model for your child. Make it a positive one.

• Be careful with your words. Kids are sensitive and might take your careless phrases to be your truth. Do not say things you do not mean.

• Show your love and affection for your child. You do not have to make their ego falsely inflated, but praise and compliment your child as much as possible.

• Provide feedback which is accurate and positive. This is particularly useful when you praise effort. Results are important, but to learn hard work and dedication is probably even more important. Teach your child to give every effort and try as hard as possible.

• Help identify negative thinking patterns and beliefs. Children are not necessarily always right about their evaluations of themselves and their environment. You can help them a great deal by identifying irrational beliefs and help them replace these beliefs with realistic views.

• Create an environment at home which is safe and loving. This speaks for itself! Provide clear rules and boundaries. Have realistic expectations. Encourage age-relevant developmental tasks. Offer your time, and provide support and supervision.
• Allow your child to participate in activities that boost self-esteem. Extra-curricular activities, assignments at home, and various forms of self-expression, like opportunities for athletic or artistic talent, and hobbies give the chance to find and cultivate any form of talent. This is very good for your child's positive self-esteem development.
• Emphasize communication. In many cases, adolescents and their parents feel that they have lost each other, and a world separates them. Do not let this happen. Communicate regularly and appropriately, according to the development of your child.
• Show respect for your child and for his or her identity. Your child is not you! He or she might like different things, or have different priorities. Also, consider age as a factor. Do not treat your 16 year old as a 10 year old. That is insulting and demeaning and will create distance between you.

• Time management is an important and often underestimated skill. Children and adolescents often struggle with the adequate use of their time. Help them to build up the skill of effective time management. ( It might be even useful for you, if you also struggle with it.)

• You can be critical, but be reasonable and just. Be prepared to accept opinions from children, especially from adolescents, who have very concrete opinions about the world. They will have to learn to express themselves appropriately without hurting others. A great model for them is the way you issue your criticism. Take their opinions and feelings seriously.

• Make sure that your child can count on you. Kids are likely to do things that they are probably not be proud of, and would like to forget 10 years later. Your child is your responsibility, even when he did something stupid. You do not have to be happy about it, but you have to support him and be behind him.

• Avoid any comparison with siblings and peers. Each child is different and has his or her own strengths.

• Positive reinforcement and praise can be public, but disagreements and corrections have to be dealt with in private.

• Most importantly: Be There!!!!

This article is taken from the book "Overcoming Self-Esteem Problems in Teens and Pre-Teens: A Parent's Guide," by Dr. Richard L. Travis.

This book is part of a series of books for parents of Teens and Pre-Teens called "Dr. T's Living Well Series," by Dr. Richard L. Travis.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Decorate the Walls of Your Boy's Room!

There are different stages in a young boy's life. From the initial years to the age of adolescence and finally becoming an adult, a youngster's area of interest changes with time. It is up to the parents to modify the decor of the boy's room in accordance to these evolving areas of interest. Given this situation, using stickers to decorate the walls of your boy's room can prove to be an extremely efficient option. Available in several patterns, you can choose the stickers in accordance to your young boy's preference. Additionally, the removing of stickers will not damage the wall making it a very cost effective option.

For those of you planning to invest in wall stickers to decorate the walls of your young boy's room, here are a few examples of the different themes that you can choose from:

1. Superhero theme!

image: myclosetispink.blogspot.com
image: wallstickeroutlet.com
Every boy has a superhero inspiration, doesn't he? This superhero is the one character that your boy will most ardently follow. Well, all you need to do is find out who this superhero is and you can easily get him his favorite wall stickers. Don't worry about the variety, because there are plenty of options under the superhero theme and you can easily find something of your boy's liking that comfortably fits in your budget as well.

2. Cars and bikes

image: wallstickeroutlet.com
image: ebay.com
Another favorite of the boys, you can find an extensive variety of wall stickers themed around the concept of automobiles. If your boy loves cars or bikes, get all those fancy automobiles to adore the walls of his room and you are guaranteed to see the appreciation flowing in.

3. Science fiction
image: dottyfrogdecor.co.uk
If your boy is a bit too brainy and a big time science fan, these wall stickers are sure to impress him. From Dexter cartoons to brainy Einstein images and even interesting Frankenstein cartoons, you can find thousands of options in this category as well. In fact, the love for science fiction and related categories is most commonly found in teenage boys.

4. Customized option
For parents of boys who seem to have unique choices, opting for customized wall stickers is an excellent idea. Paying a nominal price, you can get your boy his favorite theme.

What are the advantages?
Now that we have introduced you to the several different variants of wall stickers, the next obvious question is the advantages that they have. While you already know that wall stickers don't damage the actual wall, it is worthwhile to note that they can be reused. So, when you are done with using it for your boy's room, you can always pass it on to someone else in the family and ensure that your investment continues to be of good use.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Keep Moving Forward Quotes

Think about it for a moment....

image: bariatricbeginnings.com
 What comes to mind when you hear this statement? Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this.
However, the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear this comment is "being resilient." From a young age, I've always prided myself on being resilient and overcoming obstacles. It was drilled into my head that what does not kill me will only make me stronger. Whether it's people or situations, adversity is truly just a part of life. How you respond will make a world of difference.

The next time that you find yourself in a difficult predicament, I would like you to think about the following tips on how to Keep Moving Forward:

image: movemequotes.tumblr.com
 Don't Allow the Situation to Overtake You - Keep busy with what is most important to you whether that is your family, job, friends, or just hobbies. Utilize this time to re-familiarize yourself with what makes you tick and how to be a better person. Do an honest assessment of your strengths & weaknesses and always strive to make the necessary improvements. I know that it sounds cliche but if you look hard enough, there is a silver lining around every dark cloud.

image: mintquotes.com
Focus - Think about the solution and not the problem. No matter how much you think about the problem, the reality is that you can not go back in time to change things. Living with regrets is a natural part of life but you can't beat up on yourself. You have to know when to let things go. Focus your energy on making sure that your problem never occurs again by learning from the experience. After doing so, I'm sure that you will find this a better use of your time.

image: galleryhip.com
Have Great Surroundings - Some say that, "the strong stands alone" but I feel that having a great network of friends around is extremely critical in a time of need. This network of friends should be composed of people who wholeheartedly support you and are not just the ones who tell you what you want to hear. Great friends do not come around often so it is up to you to realize who falls into this category, so that you can reciprocate the same love and support for them.

image: quoteko.com
Be Positive & Optimistic - The way you view things is everything! Personally, every time that I have ever been faced with adversity, I chalked it up to a growing. I always have total faith that my pain is only temporary. According to many books and/or individuals, some people actually embrace adversity since it helps to build character. Thinking long term with your goals and aspirations will definitely help keep things in perspective.

image: movemequotes.tumblr.com
Remember That Success Is the Best Revenge - It's a waste of energy to seek out revenge on anybody/thing that has brought you misery. Just live your life and be happy - I know that it's easier said than done. The fact of the matter is that if someone has intentionally done you wrong, the last thing that they want is for you to be happy. Do not even think about this person and give them the satisfaction. Just do your best not to feed into their goal, realize that the worst thing that you can do to this person is to just be happy and successful.
Change is definitely inevitable. Once that concept is grasped, I believe that one will be able to master the art of Overcoming Adversity. A great quote that I think applies is, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

Bottom line is that everyone will experience some sort of diversity within their lifetime but the choices you make will determine if you are going to be able to Keep Moving Forward!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe - A Fast Healthy Breakfast and Dessert Idea

Looking for a simple, healthy and fast breakfast or dessert idea? A fresh fruit salad is the perfect choice. This simple fruit salad with just a few ingredients is easy to prepare and delicious every time. With some simple ingredient exchanges and serving ideas it can be one of the most versatile recipes around.

image: funny-pictures.picphotos.net
This fruit recipe serves two to three people but can easily be doubled to serve more.

For this fresh fruit salad recipe you will need:

One large red delicious apple - cored and thinly sliced
One large navel orange - peeled, sectioned and cut into chunks
1 cup green or red seedless grapes - cut each grape in half
1/2 cup of sliced almonds
1 to 1 1/2 cups of lemon yogurt - to desired moistness
ground nutmeg - to taste

image: trends4ever.com
In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. This salad can be prepared the night before, so in the morning the salad is ready to go. It's a healthy and quick breakfast any day of the week.

With these easy ingredient exchanges, this fresh fruit salad will always be new and flavorful. As the seasons change you can use whatever is available. Some fruit combinations you could try are:

- Spring fruit combination: bananas, blueberries, kiwi
- Summer fruit combination: grapes, pineapple, peaches
- Fall fruit combination: apples, pears, dates
- Winter fruit combination: mango, avocado, oranges

Swap out the almonds with toasted or raw coconut, toasted sunflower seeds, walnut pieces, pecan pieces, or dried cranberries. Instead of the lemon yogurt, try strawberry, peach, blueberry, or plain Greek style yogurt and instead of the nutmeg, use cinnamon, or a nutmeg and cinnamon combination, or honey. You are only limited by your imagination.

For a simple dessert, try serving this salad in mini graham cracker tart shells or you could try preparing the fruit salad without the yogurt and instead layer the fruit and the yogurt in alternating layers in parfait glasses.
Another simple presentation is to serve the fruit salad over a bed of sliced strawberries or salad greens with warm rolls on the side for a light and quick meal.

image: iowagirleats.com
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Fruits For Diabetics - Learn Which Fruits Diabetics Should Eat and How to Eat Them

image: livingfithealthyandhappy.com
Should Diabetics Eat Fruit?
This is a tricky question. On the one hand, most of the calories in fruit come from carbohydrates which of course is something diabetics have to watch very closely or their blood sugar may spike. Additionally, most fruits have a high glycemic index compared to low carb high protein foods. On the other hand, some fruits are extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber if eaten in their unadulterated raw form. There is no question that fiber helps regulate blood sugar. Scientific studies are rapidly proving the powerful health benefits of antioxidants. These include antioxidants that help regulate insulin and help our cells become more sensitive to insulin, i.e. they help reverse diabetes. They also include antioxidants that help fight off health complications that diabetics are more susceptible to including heart disease, premature aging, stroke, and cancer. The pectin found in apples has been shown to improve glucose metabolism. Early studies show grapefruit can also lower blood sugar.

My take on this is that most diabetics should eat fruit BUT they should be very prudent about how they go about it. The primary purpose of this article is to give those with diabetes (and those who love them) practical information they can use to make wise decisions about which fruits they eat and how to eat them.
One important caveat: From a strict botanical perspective, some foods which we call "vegetables" are technically fruits but I am not including a discussion of these in this article. I do want to mention that many of these "vegetable fruits" are superstars in the diabetic diet. For example, a medium-sized peeled cucumber which is technically a fruit has only 3 net carbs and an extremely low glycemic load of 1 plus they are chock full of nutrients and fiber.

image: photo-dictionary.com
What Are the Best Fruits For Diabetics?
The best fruits for diabetics, taking all important factors into consideration, are berries. Relative to other fruits, berries are low carb and have a low glycemic index (20 - 45 GI, usually on the lower end of this). They are also exceptionally high in fiber and antioxidants. Within the most common berries consumed in the US, raspberries and blackberries have less carb and a lower glycemic index than blueberries but you can adjust your serving size to compensate for this. For example, a 100 gram serving (about 2/3 cup) of raspberries or blackberries has approximately 6 net carbs whereas the same volume of blueberries has 12 net carbs. So, if you're keeping your carbs super low you may want to reduce your serving size of blueberries to 1/3 - 1/2 cup.

Diabetics Should Favor Fruits That Are Relatively Low Carb, Have a Relatively Low Glycemic Number, and Are Relatively High In Fiber

Besides berries which I've identified as the #1 choice overall, a small serving of apples (12-26 g/fruit), citrus (8-22 g/fruit), and stone fruits (1-19 g/fruit) a few times a week can be part of a healthy diet for most diabetics. These fruits have a relatively low glycemic index and relatively low carb per fruit. Stone fruits are fruits that have a single large pit (the "stone") in the middle with a sweet fleshy outer layer around it. These include cherries (1 g/fruit), peaches (11-19 g/fruit), plums (7 g/fruit), apricots (3 g/fruit), and nectarines (12-13 g/fruit). For your easy reference, I've included the estimated range of net carbs in grams per fruit. If you're on a really low carb diet (less than 30 carbs per day usually) or you are gaining unwanted weight, you may have to really curtail fruits. It is interesting to note that stone fruits are all members of the genus Prunus which also includes almonds, a superstar in the diabetic diet, and that a peach pit looks a lot like an almond shell. The edible skins of fruits tend to be very high in fiber so be sure to eat your apple peels and that fuzzy peach skin!

Cantaloupe (aka ground melon), watermelon, and pineapple are examples of fruits that are very high in carb so you might want to eat them only occasionally.

Bananas Are Very Popular In the American Diet But...
Bananas are the most popular fruit in America, even surpassing apples and oranges. However, bananas have 17-31+ grams of carb and have an average glycemic index of 55 which can be much higher with a really ripe super sweet banana (the way I like 'em). If you really miss banana, I recommend eating them only 1-2 times a week and eating only half a banana as a single serving. Plus, you can pick out small bananas when you shop to lower the carb.

Diabetics Should Avoid Fruit Juice and Dried Fruit
Even if you drink the unsweetened kind, fruit juice contains little to no fiber and is very high in sugar with a high glycemic index. Because of this, even a small amount of juice can play haywire with your blood sugar levels. Plus, when you drink juice, you miss out on many nutrients you'd have in the actual whole fruit. Dried fruit highly concentrates the sugar and should therefore definitely be avoided by diabetics.

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Eat Fruit With Other Foods
This is a very important point so pay close attention. When diabetics eat foods that are higher in carbs and have a higher glycemic index such as fruits, they should always try to eat some protein and healthy fat along with it. The protein and fat balances out the effect of the carbohydrates in the fruit and you will get less of a spike in your blood sugar. A really good combination seems to be eating fruit with nuts. You can also combine eating fruit with some low carb yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese, or eat your fruit as part of a full meal. I love eating a small bit of fruit as a dessert. Use common sense though. If your meal already has a significant number of other carbs (like grains), you may want to skip the fruit.

Try To Eat Fruit Earlier In the Day
It seems that for most diabetics fruit has less effect on their blood sugar levels if they eat it earlier in the day. So, try to eat your fruit as part of your breakfast or lunch. This is especially true if you are experiencing the "dawn phenomenon" where your early morning blood sugar readings are much higher than they were when you went to bed. In this case, you should definitely avoid eating fruit at night and see if that makes a difference.

Pay Attention To Your Whole Diet and Keep It In Balanced
Let's say you go on a beautiful summer picnic and you splurge on some very sweet watermelon (yum!). To compensate, you may want to watch your carbs more carefully for the rest of the day and maybe eat a lower carb dinner. If you just have to have a banana with your breakfast (I suggest eating half of a small banana), try to eat a lower carb lunch and limit your other carbs at breakfast.

Pay Very Careful Attention To Serving Size
The phrase "eat in moderation" takes on new meaning for the diabetic. Food is medicine for the diabetic and can even reverse diabetes if you know what to eat and stick to it but it can also exacerbate the disease if you eat the wrong foods. When it comes to eating carbohydrates, no matter how healthy food item is, serving size is the most important factor. Yes, fruits are healthy in many ways but if you are diabetic, it is crucial you do not over-indulge in fruit. Doing so bcould result in a huge spike in your blood sugar, and worse, if you over-indulge too often you could make your cells less receptive to insulin.

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I know the natural tendency of most Americans is to pick out larger sized fruit, which is why cultivators select for it. However, a simple trick for diabetics who want to limit their carbs is to pick out smaller fruit. It is generally just as tasty as the bigger fruit. Let me give you a few examples to illustrate the carbs you can save by doing so. A six inch banana has 17 net carbs whereas a nine inch banana has 31 net carbs. That's a 14 carb difference! That's very significant. Even if you eat just half a banana, that's still a 7 carb difference. Try to pick out small bananas. A small tangerine is only 9 net carbs (clementines are only 8 net carbs) whereas a large tangerine is 14 net carbs. You may even want to pick tangerines over oranges because even a small orange is 16 net carbs which is more than the largest tangerine. If you really want to limit your carbs, you may want to pick apricots and plums (3 and 7 net carbs respectively) over peaches and nectarines (11-19 net carbs). It's hard to resist eating the entire peach and it's awfully messy to slice and leave half (but possible). With cherries, you can simply count out the number of cherries by the number of carbs you can afford since they are 1 net carb per cherry. How convenient of them (smile).

Be Careful, You May Be Eating More Carbs Than You Think
I think many diabetics and low carb dieters grossly underestimate the net carbs in the fruit they eat. There are many reasons for this.

It is easy to be fooled when you look up the nutritional values of fruit. The value you get is probably an average value. The average may not be as big or as ripe as the fruit you are actually eating. The tests may have been conducted with a different species or variety that is more or less sweet or has more or less fiber than the fruit you are actually eating. There is a lot of variation between varieties in fruit and it can make a HUGE difference in the actual nutritional values. Even if you are comparing the exact same variety/species, your fruit may have been grown in a different soil type. Bottom line, you need to take the nutrition values you find for fruit with a grain of salt and be very aware that the values can vary greatly - much more so than with other types of foods like meat and dairy.

Cultivators and food science geeks play with genetics of fruits in an effort to make us, the sugarophilic super size that please consumers that we are, happy. I've read that the sugar content in cantaloupe doubled between 1950 and 1999. The values for fruit in the USDA Food Database were recently updated because they were so underestimated because fruits have gotten so much bigger and sweeter.

When you pick out fruit, don't you tend to pick out the ripest, sweetest, most tantalizing fruit you can find? I know I do. In general, as a fruit ripens its carb quantity goes up, especially if it ripens before it is picked. Have you ever heard anyone say, "That fruit was as sweet as candy?"

Know Your Own Body
There seems to be more variability in how diabetics respond to fruit than just about any other food type. For some diabetics, eating a whole apple seems to be just fine while with others eating just half an apple can send their blood sugar soaring through the roof. For this reason, you need to do some very careful testing to see how your body responds to fruit so you will know what quantities and which fruits you can eat without causing ill effects.

ou'll want to keep the testing as simple as possible. Measure out a certain quantity of fruit, perhaps a half cup or whole cup of a fruit you'd like to eat, and test your blood sugar just before you eat it and then again 1.5 hours after you eat it. Compare these readings to what happens when you eat a low carb high protein snack at the same time of day under as many of the same conditions as possible. You can try increasing or decreasing the amount the next day depending on the initial result and you can try other favorite fruits.

Keep in mind that many other factors such as other foods you eat around the same time, how much exercise you've recently gotten, how much sleep you had the night before, how stressed you are, what you do in that 1.5 hours between tests, etc, etc can all affect the results so you'll want to test more than once to see how consistent your results are. If your blood sugar does spike after eating a reasonable portion of fruit, I encourage you to re-test in a month or two if you adhere to a good and consistent low carb diabetic diet and make other healthy lifestyle changes during that time such as getting more exercise, sleeping more, and lowering stress.

Once the body has had time to heal itself, i.e. once you've had time to reverse your diabetes, you will likely be less insulin resistant (this is what happened to me) and your body may be able to handle reasonable portions of fruit (and a few other carbs) without the spikes in blood sugar.

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