Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Red Flowers in Your Life

Red Flower Meaning
Red flowers are probably the most vibrant and exciting that nature has given us. When thinking about expressing sensuality and romance, lovers usually offer red flowers as gifts.
They come in a variety of shades, each carrying a special meaning:
  • Vibrant red expresses burning passion.
  • Burnt orange-red is a symbol of ardent energy.
  • Deeper cherry red carries the meaning of love and romance.
  • Crimson symbolizes sexuality.
  • A rich burgundy flower signifies intense desire.
Don't be afraid to use them to convey strength, courage and distinction.

 Red Flower Arrangements
They are used in arrangements in order to catch the eye, suggesting sophistication and confidence, even in small doses, which can be more effective than a large amount of red color. These flowers arrangements are a sign of luxury and wealth, especially if you use red roses. These flowers can be combined with a large variety of other flowers.

Here is a small guide for combining them with other colored flowers:
  • These flowers form an ideal couple with emerald green greenery, red and green being complementary colors on the color wheel. Combined with green, they are traditional to the Christmas Holiday. To enrich the beauty of a red flower, one can use greenery such as ferns.
  • Combining them with cool blue flowers offer a great contrast, chilling the hotness of red.
  • Use red with light pink flowers with for a harmonious combination.
  • If you use yellow flowers in combination with red, be careful that the two colors are not too close in value such as dark red in combination with golden or pale yellow flowers. Otherwise, red flowers are nicely enhanced by shades of yellow.
  • In order to create a cheerful arrangement, try mixing red with pink and orange flowers.
  • Combined with purple flowers, they create an elegant combination, but mind that too much purple can sometimes be overpowering.
  • White flowers are often used with red ones, especially when it comes to roses, for wedding arrangements or other special occasions such as Valentine's Day, this mix symbolizing purity and passion combined.
  • One important rule about red flowers: sometimes less is more. A dash of red can be more effective than a solid color red arrangement.

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