Friday, April 18, 2014

Why Is Your Cat Always Hungry?

There are some reasons if your cat is always hungry. One you have total control over, one you have no control over. So, although you can reduce this case, it is unlikely you can eliminate it completely.

And you may never want to, as a hungry animal does show they are still healthy enough to want to eat. Our worry begins when they don't want to. So annoying as it maybe, it is part of their charm.

One of carnivore animals is cat. It means wild cats have to find for their food. Hunting food for them can be hazardous and a poor success rate. So a carnivore can be injured during a hunt and it's not easily come by. This means that once a carnivore has made a success catch, they will hang on to it for dear life.

As fast as possible they will try to eat it, to ensure not someone else can get it. And they will be fierce if someone does try to approach them. Equally, they will be the ones trying to steal the catch, if someone else has been successful in catching their prey.

There are different in herbivores. They don't have their problem as their food in the ground or grow on trees. They don't have to fight over their blade of grass. There is plenty to go round.

Your domestic cat is just a hair's breadth from being wild.

So, you have to accept the reality that cats in general, do tend to be protective of their food and will happily steal from others, tend to be protective of their food and will happily steal from others, too.

So that's the bad news, that's the part you can't control about why your cat is always hungry.
But the good news is that you can do a great deal to reduce this hunger.

Animals and human become hungry when our bodies need extra nutrition. Once we have partaken of a nutritious meal, the hunger subsides.

Nutrients are essential for a healthy body. And it is the same for your cat. The cat's system will keep kicking in the hunger trigger as long as they are not getting nutritious food.

And the vast majority of commercial cat food, whatever the price tag or professional assurances, is nutrient-poor. The manufacturers are, sadly, more interested in their profit than in the health of your cat. Whatever the label or advertising tells you, the ingredients are poorer quality than your cat needs to remain healthy.

You should give the good nutrient food for you cat to remain healthy. Once you start to feed your cat a nutrient-dense diet, from quality and natural ingredients, they will remain satisfied for a far longer period of time. Once you understand the reasons why a cat is always hungry, the solution becomes easy.
Discover a quality, natural diet for cats that even busy people can work with.

And these are some good quality foods for your cat.

NUTRO MAX Wet Cat Food

  • Contains twenty-four (24) 3-oz. cans of premium kitten food, featuring real chicken and liver
  • Real chicken is the first ingredient – never chicken by-product meal
  • Contains natural ingredients fortified with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in the USA, with the finest ingredients from around the world
You can buy here.

  • Healthy, gentle digestion for easy litter box clean-up
  • Natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Clinically proven antioxidant benefits
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Science Diet Indoor is available in canned.
  • At 7 years of age, transition your pet to a Science Diet Adult 7+ food, over 7-10 days.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.
You can buy here.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Canned Cat Food

  • Twenty-Four (24) 3 oz. Cans - Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Formula Beef & Chicken Entree Adult Wet Cat Food
  • Made with real beef and chicken
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium
  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Extra-care nutrition for specific needs
You can buy here.

Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

  • One (1) 3.5 lb. Stand-up Bag - Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Cat Food
  • Made with real chicken and a taste cats love
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium
  • Linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, helps support healthy skin and a lustrous coat
  • Calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients help support strong bones and healthy joints

You can buy here.


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