Sunday, May 11, 2014

Choosing Plus Size Dresses for Prom

Prom night is reasonably the biggest night in any teenager's life. In case you require a plus size dress for this big event, there are a few considerations that you should make before settling on your dream dress. As with women of all sizes, considerations like color, fabric and style are essential.

Style- When it comes to style, there are some cuts that you need to avoid. It would be unrealistic to get a fairly style look especially if the dress is a figure fitting style. You could get one that highlights the part of your body you are most comfortable with. Maybe you could choose to highlight your waist and deflect attention from your thighs and hips. At all costs avoid tight-fitting styles.

Length- If you need a more traditional look, you could opt for a long dress perhaps the floor-length type. However, a more modern look requires a shorter dress that would cover your knees or maybe a little longer. You need to feel comfortable in your dress. Avoid long dresses that may drag on the floor or loose ones that may shift around your body.

Fabric- It is vital to carefully select the fabric finish to match your personality. If you plan to have a good time at the dance floor, ensure your desired dress can handle the movement. Keep away from long dresses that you can trip on, get caught in your shoes or be stepped on by other dancers. If you decide to go with a sleeveless dress, ensure it comes with wide straps that can snugly fit over your shoulders. These will keep it in place by avoiding any slip offs.

Colors- Neutral colors like black, white, gold, or nude will work for most women. Keep to a maximum of two or three colors. Avoid shiny finishes as these may exaggerate your size or accentuate some parts of your body that you may not be comfortable with.

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