Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cowhide Rugs - Contemporary and Natural Rugs

Brindle Tricolor Cowhide Rug - Top Quality from LUXURY COWHIDES

  • Approximately 6'x8 ' (Note: Size may Vary)
  • Pictures in this listing are sample pictures and not the actual COWHIDE RUG you will get. However we deliver very similar COWHIDES to the one pictured!
  • Please notice you may find little marks, scars or branding on the RUG as we sell NATURAL COWHIDE RUGS.
  • We are proud to have the most assorted stock of COWHIDE RUGS within the USA for immediate shipping!
  • Please expect any little variation in size, color or pattern.
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Light Brindle Cowhide Rug | Cowhide Area Rugs by Crown Home Innovations 

  • SOFT AND BEAUTIFUL: Cowhide Leather Rugs by Crown Home Innovations are soft and pleasant to the touch, while becoming a natural accent to any room. Perfect for any living room , dining room , game room , or man cave
  • LONG LASTING: Crown's Cow Hide Rugs will last 20 years or more. Care instructions come with every cow skin rug.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: All of our Cowhide Area Rugs are recycled from the meat industry, and 100% natural. The most beautiful Cowhides are saved for fashion and home decor. Far superior to synthetically created Animal Print Rugs
  • OWN A ONE OF A KIND: Cowhide Rugs are all unique! You will receive a hide with colors and patterns that are very similar to those pictured, but your cowhide will be a one of a kind. Some hides might contain some natural marks due to conditions inherent to natural animal products such as branding.
  • Approximate Dimensions: Width: 5 to 5.5 Feet; Length: 6.5 to 7.3 Feet; Thickness: .3 Inches - Each rug is unique, so all measurements are estimates.

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Cowhide Rug , Dark Brindle: XXL 6x8ft (180cmx240cm)

  • Cowhides are natural animal skin, they are not identical, you will receive a similar rug to the listed picture
  • Please understand that it is very common to have natural defects in cowhide rugs, marks, branding or scars they are from the cow .
  • All our cowhides are recycled from meat industry, we process and tanner them into cowhide rug for decoration purpose.
  • Cowhides are great for upholstery and home project , wall decoration and lay on the floor as area rug.
  • RODEO® cowhides stands for quality

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RODEO Cowhide Rug Dark Brindle Size 6x8 Feet Dc

  • RODEO® cowhide rugs stands for quality
  • We hand-pick every rug to ensure we bring you only the highest quality rugs for your home d├ęcor.
  • Cowhide rugs are a 100% natural product. This means none of the color patterns are identical, because every animal has a coat of fur that’s different. The rug you see in the photo will vary slightly from the rug you receive.
  • It’s very common for cowhide rugs to come with firemarks, scars and other markings. This is a completely natural occurrence.
  • All of our cowhides are recycled from the meat industry. The thorough tanning process ensures minimal hair loss and also gives the cowhide a clean leather smell.

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