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How to Choose the Right Pointe Shoe for Ballet Dancing

In many ways, pointe shoes can be considered an dancer's extension. The most demanding feature of ballet shoe is how well it fits. Proper fit protects the dancer's feet, leg and ankles and makes en pointe work possible.

There are a number of styles and brand available, and no singe types of shoe is built for every dancer. For a dancer, strength and shape of the foot should be considered in finding the best pointe shoe.

Bloch Pointe Shoes

There are many different style of  bloch pointe shoe including Alpha ¾ Sole, Triomphe, Concerta, Aspiration, Serenade, Suprima, Sonata and Sylphide.

Bloch Women's Sonata Pointe Comfort Ballet Flats

Beginner dancers will be suited to Suprima, Sonata or Sylphide. The Sylphide has broader widths than other Bloch pointe shoes and helps beginners with untrained feet roll up onto pointe more easily.

The Suprima will feel comfortable to advanced students and beginners as it provides good flexibility while maintaining good arch support.

Bloch Women's Aspiration Pointe Comfort Ballet Flats

Aspiration and Alpha pointe shoe are designed with the advanced student in mind. These shoes offer better arch flexibility , but if you do not have strong feet and ankles, these shoesshould not be worn

Capezio Pointe Shoes

There are several styles in Capezio Pointe Shoes, each intended for specific needs. The original Glissé features broad toe-box, a hard shank,  and a U-shaped vamp to allow dancers to roll up to pointe more comfortable.

Capezio Women's 102 Glisse Pointe Shoe

The Glissé ES offers the same, but with a harder shank. The Glissé Pro and Pro ES are intended for more experienced dancers and feature a back height and lower side, with a hard and medium shank respectively.

The shankless Demi Soft is based on the Glissé design, and intended for pre-pointe students.

The Plié style is best suited for dancers who need a vamp that extends beyond the toe. Plié I offers a medium shank, and Plié II features a harder #5 shank.

Capezio Women's 197 Plie II Pointe Shoe

The Tendu style offers a medium shank and boasts a quick break-in time. Tendu II has a broader box and wider platform.

Both Aerial and Pavlowa shoes feature a Russian-styled tapered box. The Aerial is best to support high arches, while the Pavlowa offers a harder shank, longer vamp and heel height.

The Contempora is an American-style wide-platform shoe with a longer vamp and lower heel.

Freed Pointe Shoes

Freed Pointe shoes are available in the Studio, Studio Pro styles and Classic. The various lines are designed for a specific level of dancer, as well as their physical requirements.

Adult "Classic Professional" Medium Pointe Shoes,SBTCP

The handcrafted Classic is particularly designed for the needs of the experienced or professional dancer. It features a deep, round vamp, but those needing more support will favor the deep V-cut vamp and stronger insole of the Classic Wing Block.

Adult "Studio Professional" Pointe Shoe

The Studio line is intended for the younger dancer and offers extra support. The Studio II style features a wider platform and lower profile than the original.

The Studio Pro is also designed for the younger dancer, but it includes a V-shaped vamp and ¾ shank for greater flexibility.

Grishko Pointe Shoes

The line of Grishko Pointe shoes features Eleve and Releve models. The Eleve include the Ulanova I and II.

These shoes are intended for dancers instructed to roll up on pointe. Ulanova I has a medium height vamp and versatile box for dancers with toes of an even or slightly varied length. Ulanova II has a deep vamp and is best suited for dancers with longer toes or narrow feet.

The Releve styles, Fouette and Vaganova, are designed to accommodate the Russian-style of springing on point.

The Vaganova has a deep vamp and tapered box. This style is particularly suited for dancers with a flexible arch, longer toes or narrow feet.

The Fouette has a broad box and wide platform best suited for dancers with shorter toes or wider feet.

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden® Pointe Shoe
Gaynor Mindon Pointe shoes is different from many brands. While manufacturers commonly feature a variety of styles, Gaynor Mindon instead designs shoes over six fitting options; heel, vamp, shank,, regular fit, sleek fit and size.

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