Monday, August 4, 2014

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Choosing your baby shower theme makes the party more fun for your guest to attend and more exicting to plan.

There are so many themes for baby shower for girls that fit for the needs and personality of new mom.

Pretty in pink. Yes baby shower theme can be simple as a color. One of the best choice for girls is pink, but necessarily the only choice.

Yellow, green and purple  can also be beautiful colors to build the baby shower theme around

Pink Elephant Girl Baby Shower Invitations

For a simple pink invitation, send your guest It's a Girl themed pink and brown invitations. Search thank you cards and matching banners and buy everything  for coordinating decoration you need in one place like Amazon instead of searching all over town (or the Internet).

Pink Elephant Baby Shower Party Package

Pink and Gray Elephant Baby Girl Shower Diaper Raffle Tickets

Baby items theme. Pink baby invitation or booties might be good for a baby sprinkle theme. You can ask the guest to bring some basic needs  for the new parents who are expecting their first baby girl.

Or you can choose a diaper themed invitation and ask your guests to bring a package of diapers for a raffle.

Baby animals themes.  Animals theme can be cute theme for girls. To incorporate your animal theme into the entire baby shower, choose a theme with multiple animals represented such as a jungle animal theme or a farm animal.

Woodland Baby Shower Invitations with Owl and Forest Animals

Woodland Creatures - Baby Shower or Birthday Party Tableware Plates, Cups, Napkins
Animal Jungle Characters Bubble Bottles

There are countless decoration, invitations, and favors available so you can host a baby shower to prepare for a baby girl.

Remember to keep it fun and cute to create a memorable experience for the mom-to-be and your guests.

You can buy the baby shower stuff here.

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