Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 Easy Tips for Trimming Your Cat's Nails

Aren't cats supposed to keep their claws in shape either playing or using a scratching post? Cats usually give a lot of importance to self grooming and they are one of the cleanest pets around. But if the cat is sick or is getting old, they would need assistance in the entire grooming process. If this is not done there is a danger that the cat might injure itself or you may get injured from the scratching and biting.
So let us help you with 5 easy tips for trimming your cat's nails.
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    You will need a good quality set of cat claw trimmers and this is possibly the only equipment that you will need. So it is advisable to buy a good set and let them last a lifetime, rather than buying cheap ones that will break and cause injuries to the cat.

  2. Most cats hate their paws been touched. So it is very important that you calm your cat down, play around with it, relax it to the extent that, it will happily let you touch their paws. You can take the assistance of your family or friends to hold the cat gently, while you are trimming its nails. Do not try and cut its nails when it is angry as you get hurt during the process.

  3. You must very gently take the paw between your thumb and finger. Slowly push the fur back to expose the nails. The clippers must be held vertically or else there is a danger of cutting the nails in a splintered manner. This can damage the nail and in some cases cause pain to your pet cat.

  4. You must take care that you are not cutting it too close as it might cause bleeding and stress to the cat. If the cat starts acting too fidgety, you must stop the process immediately and continue it later, when it calms down. If it is hurt, you must attend to its injuries and let it heal before you try cutting the nails again.

  5. Cutting the nails every two weeks is advisable, though it may vary with each individual cat.
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You should do it slowly and care must be taken that the cat is not hurt in any way. These 5 easy tips for trimming your cat's nails will help you do the entire procedure efficiently and effortlessly. If your cat gets very nervous, you can do the nail trimming procedure after it sleeps.


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