Monday, October 6, 2014

What Grass Is Best for the Lawn?

Growing a healthy and lush-green lawn can depend on a variety of things. A significant issue relates to the type of grass seed. Grass species can vary from the warm-season grasses, creeping grasses, to bunch grasses. A native grass seed is certain to offer the most desired results because this is accustomed to the local environment. Here are some of the major types of grass seed:

Bahia - The Bahia is a highly resilient turf grass that is perfect in regions that enjoy high heat and humidity. The rough and thick texture makes this grass a practical option for lawn areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.
Bermuda - The Bermuda is great at resisting the outbreak of weeds and enjoys an aggressive growth habit. This grass is also drought-tolerant and wear-resistant, which makes it very hardy and practical for the well used gardens. Over seeding the lawn area with rye will help to maintain the grass throughout the winter.
Bluegrass - The Bluegrass is a popular option for the cooler regions. The texture and color of this grass is exceptional if the desired growth conditions are provided. Regular watering, nutrient-rich soil, and sunlight are basic requirements for the type of lawn seed.

Centipede - The Centipede is a low-maintenance, low-growing, and tough style of turf grass. Acidic soil offers the preferred growth environment for this type of grass. This is another grass seed that has great pest and weed resistance, while also having a quite rough texture.

Fescue - The Fescue is a hard-wearing type of grass and can easily survive the colder winter climates. There are several species of this grass, including hard fescue, creeping red fescue, Chewings fescue, and fine fescue. The ability to resist wear, shade, drought, and heat can vary with the different type of seed. Most of the grass seeds need a regular aerating and fertilizing schedule.

Perennial Ryegrass - This is a very slow-growing grass and able to easily hold up to heavy use and foot traffic. Ryegrass is often used to help maintain the warm-season grasses throughout the winter and a common part of grass mixes for the cool-season.

St. Augustine - The St. Augustine is preferred in gardens that has mostly sandy soil and enjoys a warm climate. This grass stays green-blue until late into autumn.

Zoysia - The Zoysia grass seed is perfect for the garden that enjoys well-drained soil and a warm and sunny climate. This is a high maintenance grass and requires regular attention throughout the season to maintain the lush green appearance.

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