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Raw Food Diet to Cleanse and Detox Your Body

Are you considering the transition to a Raw Food Diet for weight loss and/or health reasons? There are certainly many good reasons to include more raw foods in your diet, even if they don't ultimately comprise 75% of your total diet which is typically considered to be the goal of food rawism. Following are some guidelines and menu ideas to help you make that transition.

Fruits, Vegetables and Fats
Your daily menus should include a healthy balance of vegetables, fruits and fats. The vegetables should include dark green, leafed vegetables such as spinach, lettuces, chard, kale and collards. Sugary fruits such as melons, oranges, papayas and mangoes are important. The plant foods containing fats like avocados, coconut, olives, and nuts are filling and satiating and also provide lubrication and oil necessary.
To make salad dressings, you can blend a plant fat and a sugary fruit to complete the greens. For example, combine an orange and an avocado in a blender to make a delicious, natural raw food salad dressing.
Dairy products should be raw and unpasteurized. Soy milk is recommended as it is uncooked and has a high fat content.

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To transition from your current diet to a raw foods diet, try to include as many raw foods into your diet as possible. Find sources for organic foods locally through farmer's markets and your local health food stores to prevent ingesting the pesticides that are often present on grocery store fruits and vegetables.
A single cooked food should be eaten in the evening preferably along with a large salad and fresh juiced vegetables. Eliminating first red meat followed by pork and then chicken and fish is recommended to transition from animal sourced foods.

You should feel free to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you desire. Suggestions for women's daily intake are 6 pounds of fruit, 2.5 pounds of vegetable and .25 pounds of seeds or nuts. For men, 7.5 pounds of fruit, 3 pounds of vegetables and .33 pounds of seeds or nuts. Though this sounds like a lot, keep in mind that there is a lot of water contained in raw fruits and vegetables.

Sample Daily Menu
Breakfast: 3 pounds of watermelon or one large honeydew melon with the juice of 2 coconuts.
Lunch: 2 mangoes, 3 sticks of celery and 1 avocado or 1 green-leaf salad with 3 stalks of celery, 10-20 walnuts and juice from 1 lemon.

Snack: 2 mangoes OR 2 oranges
Dinner: Large salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and green onions, a handful of raw sunflower seeds, 2 avocados and 1 freshly squeezed lemon or a large salad containing 80% dark green-leafed vegetables with 20-30 macadamia nuts and squeezed orange dressing along with 1 quart of fresh vegetable and fruit juice.
For the ultimate cleanse and body detox, you should combine a colon cleanse with a raw food diet. Why? The colon cleanse gets rid of built up toxins and mucoid plaque in the colon and allows the nutrients of a healthy diet and raw foods to be absorbed.

This is a very basic, easy to prepare menu that you will want to play with to create a variety. You want to include as many different fruits and vegetables into your daily diet as you can to insure getting all of the nutrients nature provides as well as keep it interesting to your palate.


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