Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tips on Bridal Headdress for Long Hair - The Classic Chignon

This most fashionable hairstyle is so popular with ladies that it is no surprise to learn it is a very popular hairstyle for brides too. Taken from the French word meaning 'nape of the neck', a classic chignon or bun can be worn low down or can be taken high up to create a more dramatic effect.

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There are variants on this hair style that can completely change the whole overall look so it is worth spending some time with your bridal hair stylist to find the style that suits you, your dress and your headdress most effectively. If you are thinking of a more informal low and loose chignon, there are several bridal headdresses that will look fantastic. It may be worth asking a company to design one specifically for your hair and style but look out for circlets and vines.

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Circlets are just that, a circle design using semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals or a combination of all that fully encompasses your chignon. You can then opt for a droplet effect that falls down underneath the chignon to accentuate the drama of the style. The circlet can be as wide as you choose and with as much detail on as you choose. If you desire a more embellished overall look for your bridal hair style then why not think about some bridal hair pins with either silk flowers or fresh water pearls that tie in with the circlet. Your bridesmaids can then co-ordinate with you with either flower hairpins or combs and a circlet necklace to tie the whole look together.

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The hair vines are also great headdresses to wear with the chignon style as these are usually made using silver wire and can therefore be wrapped around your style to create a very dramatic encompassing look. The vine itself is a bridal hair comb that is adorned with all manner of beautiful things, for example carved shellflowers, Swarovski crystals or fresh water pearls. This is set at the top of your chignon style and the vines wrap around the sides to create a waterfall effect. The look is beautiful and very unusual.

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If you want a more understated look for your chignon then what could be better than gorgeous simple hair flowers or bridal hairpins. These can be secured in a more haphazard manner to create a very informal and feminine look. Dotted around your hairstyle to create flair of imagination that oozes classic chic and individuality.


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