Monday, December 22, 2014

Pet Holidays - Tips When Taking Your Pet on a Plane

So you've searched long and hard to find the perfect resort that allows both you and your dog to holiday together. Your pooch will not have to visit a kennel and you can safely avoid the onset of separation anxiety. There's just one problem - you need to catch a plane to your destination.

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Many pet owners do not properly research the rules and regulations involved when taking an animal on a commercial flight, not to mention the basic care that needs to be taken to ensure your pet travels safely.
Before booking your flights, you should consult the following checklist which should help you and your pet prepare for the journey.
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  • Due to an increased risk of dehydration as a puppy, airlines will generally not allow dogs under the age of 8 weeks to fly. If your pet is given the go ahead to travel on a plane, it is vital that they drink plenty of water before being checked in. If your dog becomes dehydrated or sick during the flight, don't expect the airline to take any responsibility.
  • Your pet will be locked up in a small cage for the duration of the flight, and may be exposed to a considerable amount of noise in the baggage hold. If your dog is particularly anxious, it may be a good idea to consider sedating the animal. You should consult a vet for more information about this.
  • Finally, you should also research the quarantine requirements for animals at your destination (they may not be the same as in the US or UK). Some countries are very strict about this, so check before you leave to ensure your pet holiday does not end at the airport!
Hopefully the above information should start you thinking about the important things that you need to research and confirm before taking your pet on a flight. Their safety and comfort should be your primary objective.

I wish you and your pooch a pet friendly holiday!


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