Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Perfect Winter Holiday Destinations

Winter weather is not usually very pleasant, to put it lightly. Sure, it's gorgeous when it's snowing outside and you're at home, thinking about building a snowman or opening Christmas presents. It's an entirely different story when you have somewhere to go or someone coming to you and the weather is getting in your way.

Going to work or school in winter weather is dreadful - and as a result, it makes us all dream of heading on a holiday at this key time of year. Some of us are even lucky enough to do so, and providing the airport isn't shut, you too can enjoy an absolutely phenomenal escape in the midst of poor weather at home. I've got three amazing holiday destinations I want to share with you that are perfect for these dreary months.

cape town
photo credit:  99traveltips.com
1. South Africa. January is one of the best times for an incredible safari in South Africa, and spending your days in a hot climate having adventures is surely the greatest contrast you can get on a holiday from the UK! South Africa has plenty of luxurious accommodation to pamper you in the evenings after exciting days out. You might also consider a visit to Cape Town and a climb up Table Mountain; for those who aren't ready for climbing, the Table Mountain Cable Car is a great way to see those fantastic views without so much effort.

Koh Samui Thailand Beach
photo credit: east.co.uk
2. Thailand. This gorgeous nation is chock full of intoxicating cities, ornate historic buildings, and absolutely stunning beaches. And, if you're into cuisine, you'll love Thailand's amazing dishes, especially if you choose to spend a night or two in Bangkok and can experience the country's best restaurants. Most people, however, will want to spend a winter holiday by the beach at least some of the time, and luckily Thailand can perfectly cater for such a holiday. With some resorts even claiming you'll leave with no tan lines, you can be assured of enjoying sun, sand, and absolute privacy over the course of your holiday.

Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand Beach
Photo credit: 99traveltips.com

Hobbiton New Zealand
Photo Credit: entouriste.com
3. New Zealand. This amazingly picturesque country is in its summertime during our winter, which makes it the perfect time to visit. New Zealand is perfect for beaches, for mountaineering, and for adventuring in general. This up-and-coming country has an excellent culinary scene, and even some sports games for those who are really athletic. There are so many hidden retreats that this destination is just about perfect for those looking for peace, privacy, and perhaps even a little romance. If you're after a city experience, Auckland and Queenstown are great places to visit, with Wellington a good choice for food  enthusiasts year-round.

Though many people choose to holiday in the summer, going in the winter can be a refreshing change. It's a wonderful feeling to go somewhere nice and warm while your compatriots are still suffering the cold and snow. If you're thinking about a winter holiday, consider these destinations for a fantastic time in the chilly months of November, December, January, and February.


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