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Fruit Seasoning Ingredients - Strawberry Salsa and Minty-Fruity Tabbouleh Salad

Did you think that seasoning is used only in preparing main courses? Well, think again. You would be surprised to find out that seasoning is also done in preparing desserts. Actually seasoning has been present in preparing desserts until now, except that we were not aware of it and we haven't called the process as such. Think of the process of making a cake or fruit salad. The recipes that you use call for adding a little rum, cognac, grated lemon peel, etc. Thus dessert seasoning or fruit seasoning are not new concepts. It is just that we didn't speak of, let's say fruit seasoning, for example.

However, if fruit seasoning or dessert seasoning as explained above is not something new, there is a new meaning of fruit seasoning, at least. As for many years now, people have found it quite hard or unpleasant to eat fruit - and this is mainly because of the invention and mass production of confectionery items (chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, juice, candies, etc) - health specialists, dietitians and producers of desserts have come together and tried to come up with solutions to change this situation.

They have come up with innovative ways to incorporate fruit into new products in order to encourage fruit consumption. For example, the idea of incorporating fruit with poultry has been developed and the compatibility of poultry was evaluated with 33 fruit and fruit seasoning types; 33 fruit seasoning sauce combinations were developed and screened by specialists for acceptability. Four sauces were judged most acceptable based on appearance, taste, and texture; these fruit seasoning sauces were lemon and rosemary with peaches, ginger and green peppers with peaches, curry with apples, and onion and celery with apples.

There are quite many recipes based on the use of fruit seasoning other than in desserts or fruit salads. If you search the internet you will be amazed to find out how creative people have been and what amazing combinations of tastes they have come up with.

Here are just a few examples of recipes which use fruit seasoning:
Minty-Fruity Tabbouleh Salad Ingredients

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Olive oil

Strawberry Salsa

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Red onion
Jalapeno pepper
cilandro leaves
Salt and
Olive oil
Orange and

Lime juice or Grilled Tuna Steak with Strawberry Salsa

The combination of meat, certain vegetables and fruit or fruit seasoning sauces, is not something new in certain areas of the world. Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as German cuisines have certain recipes in which fruit seasoning is used, being very important, as a matter of fact. It's just that we have to be open minded enough to accept such, otherwise tasty and flavory combinations of meat and fruit and fruit seasoning in our meals. It's just a matter of acquiring a taste for fruit seasoning in main dishes/courses.

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