Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pink Makeup Tips

Many think of their childhood when they ponder on the color pink. Well today we will be talking about a pink makeup look that is fantastic. This look will not make you look childish. It is a great look for any occasion that you are attending. We will be doing the pink smoky eye. For the face we will use pink blush or bronzer. Now for the lips we will be doing lip liner, lipstick and small amount of lip gloss. I hope everyone enjoys it and has fun with it.

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Your face is really important to prep before you put any blush on. What you will need for this cleansing foam, primer, foundation, and blush. Use the foam cleanser to cleanse your face. Then you will use your primer and apply in on your face. Now apply your foundation with your blush and make sure it is evenly with your neck. Now grab your blush brush and apply your blush. Make sure not to put too much of it. If you do not want to put blush put a little bit of bronzer.

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The pink smokey eye is really easy. What you will need is your pink, white or silver eye shadows, mascara, eye liner, and your brush. Grab your brush and put your pink eye shadow on the bottom of your eyelid. Then you will wipe your brush and apply white or silver eye shadow make sure that while you are doing this you are blending both eye shadows together. One you are done with your eye shadows you can apply your eyeliner and mascara. Also, remember that you can make the eye shadow as dark or light as you want. You can also apply the eyeliner on the upper lid to create the cat eye. I love the pink smokey eye.

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Now for your lips you will make them look really attractive. You will need your lip liner, lip stick, and lip gloss. Lip liner will be applied first all around your lips. Now dab you lip stick and rub your lips together. If you would like a little shine apply the lip gloss on or you can just buy the lip color that has shine already.
Now you can enjoy your special occasion with a new makeup look. Everybody will love and compliment you. Remember that you can make your look as dark as you want. You can use light pinks or darker ones. Mix it up a little; use bronzer instead of blush or try both, have fun! This look is great for all occasions.


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