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Tips For Successfully Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are the most popular berries of all time they come second to none. The only other very popular berry that even comes close to strawberries is raspberries. Strawberries also make a very good addition to any home garden. Strawberries can be grown and be added as ground cover to a garden or they can be a very nice landscape ornamental in a typical traditional bed. When it comes to strawberries there are some very important things that one must follow. Some important tips that one must stick to and follow when growing this very sweet and attractive fruit is that of variety and location:

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It is best to choose pest and disease free varieties of strawberries. You should select strawberries that are "virus free" and you can find these in and around your local and established nurseries. The other good thing about local nurseries area is that it means that particular variety or strawberry plant will do well in your area and it has been tried and tested in the soil, weather, and climate in that area. You can also opt to buy and get your strawberries via mail order or through gardening catalogues, this will give you a wider selection and variety when it comes to strawberries.

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There are roughly three types of strawberries which are available to the home gardener. These are June bearing, ever bearing and day neutral. They all have different characteristics, June bearing strawberries produce a large and very concentrated batch or crop of strawberries. You will get more berries per season and the crop does not take too long in ripening. It only needs about three to four weeks. Ever bearing only produce twice a year that is in spring and fall. While day neutral are only able to produce strawberries throughout the growing season.

Site selection is very important when it comes to growing strawberries. You must make sure that the garden or the site location is suited in a very good area or location. There are must be adequate sunlight and good drainage. The garden should be located near a good source of water. You do not want to have to travel a considerable distance to fetch water for your strawberries. This will greatly discourage your gardening efforts. Your strawberry plants will require a considerable amount of water.

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The strawberries should also be adequately spaced and this will further influence the location of the garden. The bushes must be a few meters apart so that they do not compete with each other for resources. There must have adequate sunlight and the site must not be located near and trees or buildings that may block out the sun and provide unwanted shade. Your strawberry plant will require at least about six to eight hours of sunlight. So remember that when choosing site.

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One of the major things that one must consider when it comes to successfully grow strawberries is that of the soil. The soil make up, texture, compositing, and fertility must be taken in consideration. The best type of soil for strawberry growing is a soil that not only allows full sunlight and the rays of the sun to hit it but also it must have very good drainage. The best soil for growing strawberries is heavy clay soil and in some case sandy soil. A sloppy piece of land as well as rolling kind of piece of land will provide better air circulation and water drainage which will be great for the strawberry plants.

Use lots of mulch and occasionally change the location of the strawberry site to prevent diseases and soil borne problems from reoccurring. Make sure the area is thoroughly cleared and that there are no weeds and various other unwanted plants or pests and bugs. These are just some of the tips that can help you produce very sweet and fresh strawberries.


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