Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Babies Cry

New parents can be at a loss about why their babies cry. There are several reasons, and they are very basic. One, of course, is that they are hungry. Another can be that there is too much commotion, noise, and activity. Babies are not toy dolls to be tossed about and perpetually played with... even older children or adults get irritated when they are poked or teased all the time. Another reason can be the issue of diaper rash.

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It is important to realize that leaving a baby sit in a dirty diaper, for whatever reason, is as uncomfortable for the baby as it would be for an adult. What is deposited in a diaper is somewhat acidic in nature and an irritant. The baby has even more tender skin than an adult, so the physical discomfort is irritating. Yes, diapers are expensive.

However, you can change to cloth diapers. These take a tremendous amount of work if you are going to do them correctly, plus you have to be extremely careful with the pins. You must wash the diapers extra thoroughly, and be totally dedicated to using them correctly (meaning sanitizing them between usages), but they may cost less that disposables.. Of course you will then have the water and septic bill, as well as the laundry (use a non-allergic soap) expense to think about. Because of these considerations, it is important to take these things into account before having a baby. Babies are expensive. And, the government may not be there to take care of you and your baby. What will you do then?

Going back to why babies cry and dirty diapers, be quick to change them. Also, wipe the baby's bottom thoroughly with some kind of gentle designed-for-babies wipe. Don't use the harsh cleaning wipes sold in stores for a baby's bottom. This seems to be elementary knowledge, but the fact is, in today's world of broken homes, simple, common knowledge is not taught the way it used to be.

After wiping the baby's bottom, if it is red and sore, use a good diaper cream. Desitin is a good brand. What the cream does is create a barrier against moisture coming through, plus it has healing agents, so the baby's tender skin has a chance to rest and recover. Even if there is a wet diaper in the near future, the moisture barrier from the cream will help keep the moisture away from the skin. Learning to how to keep a baby's bottom free from diaper rash will make for a healthier and happier baby.


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