Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Off

Anyone knows that pets can make your life sweeter. If you want a pet but don't know what kind, and you don't have time to take care of one as much as you used to there is no problem. We are going to talk about pets that are easy to take care of whether you are a child, a guy/girl in college or you have a job and don't have that much free time:
photo credit: animal-kid.com
Fish - You take one with a little bowl that does not require anything else but a bowl and a fish. That is a betta fish. Be careful because there can only be just one fish in the bowl, otherwise there is a big chance that they will fight till death because they are an aggressive type of fish. You can put them little special sand on the bottom with different colors and toys like plastic ocean leaves or something like that.
photo credit: pets.petsmart.com
Gerbils - Take two of them because gerbils like company, otherwise they will be lonely and unhappy. Make sure they were in the same cage when they were born because they need to get along. It's simple to take care of them because they wash themselves. You only need to feed them 2 big spoons a day and make sure they have something like cardboard so that their teeth won't grow too much and die. And you know. . . clean the cage every 2 weeks and make sure they have water. You can buy or make them toys. There are a lot of options for that.
photo credit: rspcavic.org
Guinea Pigs - They are like a bigger hamster. It would be better if they live in group of two or more. They make excellent fuzzy friends for you or your children. They obviously need a large cage and they usually weight around 3 pounds.
photo credit: bukisa.com
Birds - Small birds are good pets for children. They require food, water and a little bit of playing with them. They are birds for watching more than anything. You can buy additional toys or let them out in the house with the windows closed.
photo credit: wewomen.com
Tortoise - One thing is for sure: they live long. They are cool pets though. They can live by themselves - no need for more only if you want. They like cucumber and raw peas that kind of vegetables. Some tortoise need to hibernate so it is better that you have something like a garage or a cool/cold place for the tortoise.

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