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Carrot is Your One-Stop Shop For Nutrition

It is said that carrot is the ultimate vegetable among all, just as garlic is the ultimate herb of all herbs. Let us explore together why carrot is beneficial for our health and why making it part of our diet is imperative. For starters, carrots have a high dose of beta-carotene. This is an anti-oxidant that is converted by the human body into Vitamin A. Although the body can only convert a particular amount of beta-carotene to Vitamin A on a daily basis, the excess beta-carotene acts as a protection for other diseases and medical conditions.
Carrots have powerful healing properties that people do not realize. Drinking a glass of carrot juice daily can actually make you healthier than most vitamin tablets. Below is a list of several diseases and complications that carrot can help eliminate or heal.

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This is a condition in which there is an increased acidity in the blood. This happens when the blood pH level falls below 7.35. Carrots have alkaline elements that help the blood maintain a balanced alkaline and acid level.

Carrots have Pectin that helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Pectin was first discovered in 1825 and is now commercially available in powder or tablet form. But why buy pectin when you can easily get it from carrots?

Taking carrot juice will help reduce constipation. Ideally, you need to take five parts of carrot juice mixed with one part of spinach juice.

Anemia is the lack of white blood cells and causes lack of oxygen. Carrots have molecules that are very close to that of humans and this helps and speeds up the production of hemoglobin.

If you are a smoker, you are likely to get emphysema. This is a deadly lung disease that causes shortness of breath. On top of this, the issues that support the shape and position of the lungs are damaged. Carrot juice, when taken regularly, will help you avoid emphysema.

Yes. Studies have shown that one carrot a day significantly reduces the risk of cancer. The antioxidant properties of carrots help the body eliminate free radicals that damage the body's tissues and organs.

The ear, nose, and throat, are often susceptible to congestion and carrot juice is a very powerful mix that unclog these areas. With a glass of carrot juice per day, you will be able to eliminate sinusitis, phlegm, and sore throat altogether.

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Should we say more? Carrots are very rich in beta-carotene and lutein. These are compounds that will help you maintain great condition especially in the optic nerves. A lot of food supplement are sold commercially that contain beta-carotene and lutein to help reduce the risks of deteriorating eyesight. Why would you pay for these food supplements when you can get them cheaper and more natural through a glass of carrot juice?

Did you know that drinking carrot juice will help you prevent your bay from getting jaundice? Drinking carrot juice is highly recommended for pregnant women especially at the last stages of pregnancy.

It is said that carrot is also helpful in making people fertile. The reason for infertility is the lack of vital nutrients. Carrot juice will help you solve this problem as it is very rich in enzymes and nutrients that your body needs.

Immune System
With its anti-oxidant properties alone, carrots can help boost the immune system by providing warriors inside the body. The body is subjected daily to toxins and harmful chemicals and these will develop free radicals that will destroy the cells. Without antioxidants, the body will exert more effort killing these free radicals. Carrot can provide extra support to battle these harmful elements and help the body produce more white blood cells. The white blood cells are the body's army for destroying harmful elements that try to destroy the tissues and organs.

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