Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't Forget The Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Be prepared on your wedding day with an emergency wedding kit so that you're ready for those little things that always tend to happen.

Here are some things you'll want to include in your wedding emergency kit.

  • A Sewing Kit
  • Hair
  • Make Up
  • Extra batteries or memory cards for cameras.
  • Bring mints and / or mouthwash, 
  • Tummy remedies
  • Headache medication 
  • Few bottles of water to keep on hand. 

About the product
  • over 30 different items for a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency
  • 3 different size bags available depending on the size of your Wedding Party.
  • Perfect gift for a Wedding Shower!
  • Read Product Description for list of contents.
  • Return - exchanges on unopened product only due to hygienic reasons
Our custom-made cosmetic bags are great for the Wedding Day, Orchesis, Gymnastics, Prom and beyond.

It's great for travelers, too! Anywhere a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal "emergency" could occur, would be a perfect occasion to have "In The Bag."

The following items are included: baby powder, lip gloss (clear), bobby pins - 6 black, 6 blond, 6 brown, (2) nail files, nail polish (clear), (1) comb, oil-absorbing blotting papers, compact mirror, hair brush, cotton swabs, hairspray (trial size), (2) individual dental floss picks, (2) mini pads, deodorant (trial size), (2) tampons, hand lotion (trial size), (2) pre-pasted toothbrushes, (2) maxi pads, (2) Advil (2/pkg.), (1) Imodium (2/pkg.), (2) Extra Strength Tylenol (2/pkg.), (4) antacids, (2) band-aids, (2 ft.) hem tape, (2) Shout stain remover pads, lint roller (trial size), (4) safety pins, Static Guard (trial size), sew kit, super glue, (2) drinking straws, (1) Kleenex pak, (2) earring backs, (10) peppermints.

You can buy here.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Man

About the product

  • Don't forget men have "emergencies" too.
  • over 25 different items for a fashion, cosmetic or minor medicinal emergency
  • See Product Description for contents.
  • Perfect gift for a Wedding Shower!

Product description
Contents include: (4) combs, hair brush, hairspray, Chapstick lip balm, nail clipper, (2) nail flies, cotton swabs, (2) dental floss picks, hand lotion, (2) pre-pasted toothbrushes, (4) Advil [2/pkg.], (4) Extra Strength Tylenol [2/pkg.], (2) Imodium [2/pkg.], (4) antacids, (4) band-aids, cufflinks (1 pair), lint roller, (4) safety pins, (2) shoehorns, shoelaces - (1) black / (1) brown, (4) disposable shoeshine cloths, (4) Shout stain remover pads, static guard, (1 pair) trouser socks / black.

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Bridal Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Survival Kit
  • Contains 30 Items including a "Something Blue" Swarovski Heart
  • 8 x 11 x 2 Makeup Travel Bag
  • 3 Interior Makeup Bags
  • Hook for Hanging
Product description
Show Murphy’s Law who is the boss with our Bridal Emergency Kit! Our robin’s egg blue kit comes adorned with Swarovski Elements and contains 30 items to neutralize any wedding day emergency.

The kit and the three cosmetic bags inside can be used for toiletries long after your big day has gone off smoothly.
Dimension: 8 x 11 x 2 KIT

INCLUDES: -Something Blue Crystal Heart MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Sugar Free Mints, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Pain Reliever, Antacid, Deodorant, Lotion Packet, Tissue Pack, Bandages, Tampon, Stain Remover Towelette, Double Sided Tape, Last Minute Wedding Vows, Spare Wedding Bands, Note Pad & Pencil, Hairbrush with Mirror, Clear Elastic Hair Bands, Earring Backs, Bobby & Hair Pins, Lint Brush, Clear Nail Polish, Static Guard, Emery Board, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Balls, Sewing Kit, Mini Scissors, Super Glue, Hair Spray. All products are "travel approved". Happy Honeymooning!

You can buy here.

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