Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't Forget The Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Murphy's Law often happens on the most important days, doesn't it? Be prepared on your wedding day with an emergency wedding kit so that you're ready for those little things that always tend to happen. Here are some things you'll want to include in your wedding emergency kit.

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A Sewing Kit
A sewing kit is going to be important if a button comes off or you need a nip and a tuck of something. Make sure you have a few sized needles, several colours of thread, and some safety pins. It's also a good idea to have your dressmaker's phone number handy. I've seen a couple of zips come apart as brides are getting dressed! The guys also need to ensure they have a lint brush, nothing worse that cat or dog hair on a dark suit, it will drive your wedding photographer crazy trying to remove it all in Photoshop! A couple of other items for the guys to have on are a shoe polishing kit, in case of rain and mud on the way to the church and a stain removing cloth in case of a spill. Consider popping in a few earring backings as well in case someone loses a backing. Hollywood tape is something that should be in every emergency kit, great for keeping bra straps out of sight, straps in place and hems up.

Bring extra hair pins and hair spray as well as a hair brush or comb with you. You might have an up-do that won't require any touch ups but Perth is the windy city and it never hurts to be prepared.

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Make Up
Most brides have a really small clutch purse with room for only a few things. Have an extra bag with more make-up and other toiletries. Blotters are excellent, especially if getting married in the heat as they will take off the sweat but not your makeup. You should also consider bringing some moist towelettes, which can work well for freshening up sweaty body parts and also come in handy for wiping make up off suits after lots of hugs. Deodorant is also a must-have as are band-aids for those new shoes!

For ladies, don't forget to bring some feminine hygiene products. Some women find that their monthly visitor can be brought on early by stress or nervousness.

Extra batteries or memory cards for cameras may be something you want to have on hand as well as a few disposable cameras. Some couples put a disposable camera on each table so that guests can take extra photos above and beyond what your professional wedding photographer is capturing. Don't forget to assign someone to pick up the cameras at the end of the night.

Bring mints and / or mouthwash, tummy remedies, headache medication and a few bottles of water to keep on hand. Brides and grooms should also make sure they do a checklist for other things they may need, such as cash or a cheque book to pay for any services for the day that haven't already been paid for.
Put all your emergency items in a knapsack and have a trusted bridal party member know where it is at all times and close to hand.

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