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How to Grow Pineapple Successfully by Learning How to Plant a Pineapple Stem

Pineapples are very delicious and nutritious. They're rich in Vitamin C and phytochemicals which are good for the immune system. Many people want to know how to grow pineapple fruits because of the many uses it can offer. Aside from its nutritional value, its juice can also be applied in cooking processes such as for marinades. For those who want to plant a pineapple stem, you'll need a sharp knife, 12-inch pot, dry room, organic compost, potting soil, water and, of course, a pineapple.

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It's very easy to grow a pineapple at home. All you need is a pineapple. Make sure it's ripe enough (but not too ripe); it has green, healthy leaves by the stem and it doesn't have molds. Once you've consumed the fruit, you only need to rip off the stem and plant it. The tricky part is on the growing process. You need to care for it so that it can successfully grow.

Step 1 - Cut the pineapple stem. Trim its bottom with small, horizontal cuts. Trim on it until you see the root buds (these are the small dots along the bottom of the stem's perimeter). Then, strip off the leaves to about ¾ inch from the stem's base. This can increase rooting chances.

Step 2 - Put the stem facing down in a dry yet cool area for a week. This helps the cut end heal prior to planting. Skipping this step would result to plant rotting before it can even root.

Step 3 - Put a layer of coarse gravel along the bottom of your 12-inch pot (it should have drainage holes). Put some potting soil on top and mix in some organic compost.

Step 4 - Plant your pineapple stem's striped section into the soil. Then, firmly pat down the soil along the plant. This can establish support for the stem.

Step 5 - Water your plant once a week. Just make sure the soil is moist. Pineapple doesn't need much water in order to grow. In fact, too much water can weaken it.

Step 6 - Place the plant by a window. It needs maximum sun exposure.

The origin of pineapples is native to Paraguay and Southern Brazil. Before the arrival of Columbus, the Indians spread it across Central and South America towards the West Indies. It was when Columbus found it in the year 1493 in Guadaloupe when he was able to carry it to Spain. Pineapples then spread through the entire globe via sailing ships that consumed it as a means of protection against the scurvy disease.

Since then, people around the world have learned how to grow a pineapple. They easily spread because they're not that hard to grow. As a near-tropical plant, they can tolerate high temperatures and they're drought tolerant. However, they can only withstand up to 28 degrees F. Anything colder than that can retard its growth and make its fruit more acidic.

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  1. I have a couple of questions maybe someone can help me with. How long does it take for the tree to start producing fruit? and does it continue to produce fruit or is it just one pineapple at a time?


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