Friday, March 6, 2015

How to French Braid Hair - The Sophisticated Look

French Braiding the hair is a classical way to add sophistication to your every day look, or it can be made extra special with hair accessories for occasions such as weddings and the anticipated celebrations of Christmas parties.

In actual fact, the French Braid is not only to add sophistication for parties and the like - but it works well for casual days or when you simply need an attractive up-do to keep the hair from falling into your eyes. On taking the hair down, you are left with a head of waves for another interesting look - especially for girls whose hair is usually poker straight.

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If you haven't already mastered this style for yourself, the following guidelines will show you the way with ease and perfection. The best time to French braid your hair is after washing and the hair is still a little bit damp. If your hair length doesn't fall at least shoulder length, French braiding will be very difficult to accomplish - this style definitely works better on longer styles and the less layers the better.

Before you begin, make sure you have the appropriate equipment, namely a comb, hair bobble, a handful of bobby pins and perhaps some hair products to secure the finished look - such as a hairspray.

1. From the top of your head, gather the center section of hair and divide it equally into three sections. Take in one hand one section of hair and the other two sections in the other hand.

2. Now, the following might at first sound a little complicated - but you will get it! Start with the hand that holds one section of hair and take this hair over the center section and into the other hand. The third hair section will now be pulled over the center section and in to the free hand. In other words - you start from the left piece and pull it over the center piece, then from the right piece and once again pull it over the center piece. If this still sounds like a foreign language - have a peep at a diagram.

3. Now the braid should begin to take form. As you move further down the head, start to incorporate the hairs from the side of your head - pulling them into your existing braid. The hair from the left side of your head will be added to the left section of hair and the right to the right section of hair. Continue the braid to the full length of your hair.

4. Once you near the end, tie the hair with a bobble and then tuck the hair underneath, securing with the bobby pins.

5. Lastly, spray all over with a little hairspray for French Braid staying power.

Remember to keep each section of hair fairly tight as you are maneuvering them around - this style may take a few attempts to perfect, but once you do you have a classic style to wear day or night. Good luck.

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