Monday, March 16, 2015

Make-Up Tips for Beginners

Are you still confused about make-up? Every woman should know about a thing or two about applying her own make-up if they want to stand out from the crowd. And these are makeup tips for beginner.

Tip #1: Have the right tools

A women may have the right skills, but without the right make-up products and the  proper equipment, it would be impossible to have beautiful makeup.

Spending much money on high quality brushes and pigments is definitely worth it. Any application that uses below par products will feel and look mediocre.

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For starters, here are eight basic brushes that you must have in your trainee make-up kit namely the foundation brush, blush brush, fluffy powder brush, concealer brush, precision angle brush, small blending brush, flat eye shadow brush, and lip brush.

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Tip #2: Know when to use concealer products

Women or men who are starting out must learn must learn how to apply concealers properly. One of the important components of a modern woman's make-up boxis concealer products.

With proper and regulated use, concealers can effectively hide bluish hues around the eyes, red spots around the nose, and even ungainly zits.

 In using a concealer, make-up artists have to apply the rules of the color wheel to come up with desired results.

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Beige concealer is far from being the universal solution. For instance, a concealer that contains greenish pigments can only effectively cover redness on facial skin.

Meanwhile, the unsightly tinge of blue on skin requires an orange pigment. In order to prevent that muddy look, the make-up artist must be educated on the principles of applying color in order to hide flaws effectively.

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Tip #3: Let the eyes pop

One of the simple ways to make beautiful eyes is to change its shape using contouring and highlights.

This technique is especially useful in women who are starting to realize skin sagging as well as deeper lines around the eyes.

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There are also ways to make the eyes stand out by capitalizing on the natural color of the iris.

For example, blue eyes look a shade bluer with the use of a bronzer with an orange tinge.

These are just a few examples. You can do anything that can be done to highlight the eyes draw the observer to a person's most arresting feature.

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