Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So Many Kinds of Pet Birds - How to Choose the Right One

When you first go bird shopping, you might be astonished at the kinds of pet birds available. The surprise might be more dramatic if you just drop into a pet store and browse the pet birds for sale. Some of them can be quite charming and some might even nod and say hello to you. This is a little guide to what you need to know before taking on the responsibility of a pet bird.

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First of all, if you do encounter a bird you like in your trip through the store, do not decide on the spot to buy the bird. Do a little research first. Given the kinds of pet birds available, research can help you choose just the kind of bird that will suit your personality, lifestyle, and household. When looking at the types of bird pets available, there are many angles from which to approach the selection of your new pet.

You can look at the choice from the size perspective. The rule of thumb here is that the bigger the bird, the more effort you will have to expend. The bigger birds live longer--sometimes up to 100 years--and demand more space, attention, toys, and training. Sometimes the training might even feel reversed as the macaw or African Grey parrot or some other brightly colored creature uses its beak to try to teach you what it wants from you.

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Another way to look at the kind of bird pet you would enjoy is to think about the kind of bird behavior that would appeal to you. Some love to get out of the cage and snuggle up with you and others don't like being touched. Birds also have different food requirements. For some it is just bird seed. For others it is bird seed plus grains, fruit and vegetables.

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It would take a lot of space to detail all the types of bird pets that are available. Here are three generic steps to take before pulling out your wallet to pay for the new bird pet:

1. Ask around about the reputation of the pet store where you intend to buy your pet. Not all pet stores are created equal. You want one with a guaranteed good reputation.

2. Look at the array of birds that are available and get a feeling for the kind of bird that you think you would like.

3. Research that type of bird's habits, personality, and care and feeding requirements.
When thinking about the kinds of pet birds that might be best for you, be cautious. Since this pet bird could last your lifetime, be sure you think twice before you take your pet bird into your life.

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