Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Baby Pink Lips

Baby pink lips are not only related to Barbie. Neither should they only be the staple lip colour of glamour models. An increasing number of women are embracing their inner girlie girl and dropping a pale pink lippie into their hand bag, so why don't you?

photo credit: topinspired.com
Perfect for day or evening wear, a pink lip paint is an essential item. And if you don't think the colour's for you, don't worry the trick is simply to find the correct shade. A true pink, lippie in a strawberry milk shade is approximately 4.99 and can be put on very quickly to give a great colour, or under a clear gloss for a more muted look.

photo credit: crushbeauty.com
If you choosea pink shade, it's all about choosing complementing colours. You wouldn't necessarily go for bright blue eyes and shocking pink lips, not unless you wanted to look like an 80's reject. Neither would you opt for harsh pink blush and a similar bold lip. Instead, select a reliable pink such as a baby pink and keep the rest of your make-up cutesy and simple. A quick flick of mascara and a subtle sweep of blush is everything you require for the daytime look. Plus, this type of colour is OK for wearing at work. If you're heading out after work, though, perhaps apply a smokey black eye look to product a much trendier look?

photo credit: zsazsabellagio.blogspot.com
At approx 5 Barry M Baby Pink can be worn for a day at the beach or a night at the bar. Use together with coral blush and a couple of applications of clear mascara. With a slight purple hue, this lovely lipstick will make your face brighter straight away

photo credit: rose-royalty.tumblr.com
Hate matte lips? Simply add a lip balm under your lipstick or a gloss over the top. And to tone down that pink lippie a little more, you can alternatively apply a nude gloss which will provide an acceptable look for the office. Remember though: if you're wearing a lighter coloured lipstick, any cracking of your lips or dry skin will be enhanced. Combat this by keeping lips conditioned at all times, applying a good coat of Vaseline before bed and exfoliating with an old toothbrush where possible.

Still not sure if baby pink lips are for you? Try lots of different shades and tones until you get a look that you are happy with. And if that still does not do the trick, Just use another lipstick tone to get the required effect.

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