Thursday, March 19, 2015

Your Home Office - How to Organize

If you have the opportunity to work from a home office, you want to make the best of the situation. There are so many positive things involved in working from home. One critical element, however, is that you have an organized home office. It can be easy to try and set up and work at a kitchen table or in a bedroom, but you will not be as productive and comfortable if you are always moving. There are a few things to consider that will make your home office experience successful.

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Review Your Needs
The first step in this transition to a home office is to review your needs. You will want to list the various items that you will have to have. Determine the equipment that will be required, such as a desk, computer, printer, and other things. You will also want to consider the need for potential meetings in the space. It is possible that you may not have clients visit your home and that you will schedule any appointments in a public location. Once you have decided what you will need to do in your home office, you can move on to the next steps.

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Choose the Location
Next, you will want to determine where you want to set up your home office. Remember, you do not need a large space. If you think about most cubicles in an office setting, they are not that large-possibly no bigger than 64 square feet. You will want to find a location that will allow you to have some privacy and permanency. You don't want to have to pack up all of your things each day to make room for other activities. Make sure that this space is dedicated to work.

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Plan Your Office
At this point you will want to create a plan for your office. You will now know how big your office is and what needs to fit in that space. It is important to start out in an organized manner. You may want to reach out to a business that will respond to your plea, "Help organize my office!" There are many that can provide you with layouts and suggestions to make the best use of your space.

If you start with proven systems in place, you will find it easier to maintain the orderliness. Professionals can teach you how to group like items together, how to file in an effective way, and what activities are best performed at a desk or work space.

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This last step can be the most fun. You now have the opportunity to personalize your space. If you are working in the corporate world, you are limited to the office d├ęcor and have very little latitude in making the space your own. In a home office, the sky is the limit. You will want to find the colors that are soothing to you and the office furniture that is comfortable. You will want to put systems in place that will work best for you.

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