Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grey Hair - How Did Grey Become the Hot New Hair Colour?

Grey hair on women used to carry a certain stigma, but these days young starlets are rushing out to replicate the silvery sheen traditionally associated with their more well-travelled counterparts.

This article gives a lowdown on the new trend for grey hair. Read on to find out why grey has become so popular, which celebs are embracing this fresh new look, and how you can achieve it yourself.

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Why is grey hair suddenly so popular?
Grey hair is sometimes considered to be undesirable, and many people choose to cover up or dye theirs. However, if treated properly, naturally grey or dyed grey hair can be an extremely stylish and elegant look. In fact, grey has hit the headlines recently with stylish celebs stepping out while sporting newly silver locks, this bold new effect just screaming 'look at me!'

Inspired by those fashion leaders, the trend is now catching on with young fashionistas everywhere, who are keen to challenge the norm, make a stand against the traditional 'silver stigma', and experiment with this radical choice.

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Who's doing it?
Kate moss, Kelly Osbourne, Kelis, Pixie Geldof and Ellie Goulding are just some of the big names who have recently joined the grey brigade, and each of them has interpreted the style in their own individual way. All of these stars, though, cleverly match their silky silver hair with perfectly cared for, youthful-looking skin and vibrant make-up to ensure the look is more edgy than ageing.

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How to achieve the look:
The first step to achieving silvery locks is to bleach the hair from root to tip to a very light blonde. From here, it will be possible to add the grey colour with a toner, the key being making sure you keep it in for the right length of time. This look is tricky to achieve solo and you might want to head to a salon so a stylist can work their magic on you instead.

Remember, bleaching is hard on your hair and you need to adapt your hair care routine to counteract the drying effect it can have. Opt for a deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner from top hair care brands like Kerastase or Tigi, to keep the hair looking smooth and silky.

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Hair care tips for naturally grey hair:
Naturally grey hair can be a highly chic and bold look, but for the best results greyer hair needs to be looked after with the correct hair care products, normally including moisturising shampoos and conditioners. There are professional 'anti-aging' hair care shampoos available which will add moisture to the hair and control the cuticle. Greying hair may also need conditioner colour enhancers as grey hair tends to absorb pollutants from the air, and can otherwise look as though it has become stained by tobacco.

Professional hair care products can make all the difference to grey or greying hair, bringing out the shine and volume needed to create a really strong impression, and keeping the colour vibrant and clean. Ask your stylist to recommend the right types of hair care products for you, and be prepared to spend a little more if you want to achieve the best results. Make sure you treat your silver locks properly and they should stay shimmering and shiny every day!

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