Monday, April 20, 2015

Plus Size Clothing For Spring You Are Guaranteed to Love

Winter and autumn are the best seasons for the plus-sized individual. With the excuse to put on layers and to hide in baggy clothes amidst the numbing cold, full-figured individuals find a characteristic comfort that is easily destroyed once the ice melts and the flowers begin to grow. Spring and summer are the most colourful seasons. Contrary to the dullness of winter months, spring brings with it a lovely beginning that is inundated by a lot of radiance and hue.

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These two seasons are the worst seasons for women with large builds, as it gives them very little opportunity to mask the bodies they are so uncomfortable with; dressing up is not really something they look forward to.
The truth, however, is that spring and summer should be enjoyed by all, and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it. All you need to understand is that plus size clothing has evolved through the years - and now, more and more designs and styles are available. So if you are a plus-sized individual and you are having trouble with dressing up in time for spring, here are some tips you can follow:

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- Do not be afraid to layer. You can wear a very sexy low-cut vest underneath a blouse or dress. This will allow you to play with your curves, by hiding them, while still remaining fashionable for spring. Do not put on heavy jackets to cover your body. A nice sleeveless vest would do.

- Crop it up. Enjoy a pair of cropped or Capri pants that will be best to keep you cool during the warmer days.

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- Wear a skirt. The best skirt design for the plus-sized individual is an A-line skirt. This will be best for masking your figure as it will effectively balance your figure and give the impression of an hour-glass shape.
- Sheer is in. Sheer and soft fabrics are good for spring. They are very feminine and sexy, and this fabric falls perfectly over the body, avoiding the curves, so it is the perfect material for plus size clothing.

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- Soft, not loud. You want colours - but stay away from the very loud and bold ones. You want to be able to look bright and sun-shiny, but pastels would definitely suit you best.

- Pretty prints. Spring fashion is all about fun. Spring fashion is all about flowers and prints. Do not shy away from printed dresses just because you think they will not look good on you. Do not wear dresses with very small or very large prints; in this case, medium-sized prints would be best. Also, if you decide to wear a dress with prints all over, make sure to get one with just a few of them scattered in the front or near the neck line.

- Dress it up with nice foot wear. Feel sexy and improve your posture by wearing higher, strapped heels. These will look sexy on your feet and you will feel sexy too!

- Cover up with jewellery. If you have a bigger chest area, you can take the attention away from it by accessorising with large chunky jewellery.

The key to dressing up for spring is to feel the lovely weather outside and embrace it. You will look good in anything you wear if you feel confident about it.

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