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Poppy Seeds - How To Grow Poppies From Seed


How to Grow Poppies

One of the most colorful and beautiful flowers that you can grow in your garden is poppies. If you know how to grow poppy seed, the flowres will survive in your garden for years.

Most poppies flowres are grown from seed, and you can have more seed to enjoy because poppies are self seed.

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Growing Poppies from Seed
First, spread your poppy seeds outside in very early in spring or in fall. Scatter the seeds sparingly or you will need to thin seed later.

Be sure not to bury the poppy seeds because they needs light to germinate.

Poppy seeds also like a cold spell, so sow in very early spring or in late fall before the cold weather arrives.

In early spring, the poppy seeds will receive enough moisture to germinate because the cold weather in early spring will give way to warm spring sunshine.

If your garden in warmer areas where the winter weathers are mild, it's better to sow the seed in your coolest month or fall. The seed will stay dormant until the weather starts to warm up. It need a few weeks from germination to bloom and you can see the spectacular flower in late spring.

Grow the poppies in full sun and in well drained soil or the plants will become waterlogged and keel over. Make sure that the area has compost to give sufficient nutrients to the plants as well as help with poor drainage. Use a snail bait and slug as those critters have a tendency to gobble up the tiny shoots as they emerge.

Whether you are planting an existing garden or a new garden space, grow poppies in your garden for early Spring colorful blooms. Poppy flowers are carefree plants that will continue to grace your beautiful garden year after year.

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