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The Secrets of Yoga For Women

Are you ready to throw a chair through the window? PMS affects everyone differently. While all women suffer the inconvenience of the menstrual cycle not everyone has the same symptoms of PMS.

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If you find PMS gets you really agitated, find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. Position yourself about six inches from a wall and make sure you are parallel to it. Sit with your legs straight and then rotate on your buttocks to the right while swinging your legs up in the air. Your legs should now be straight up against the wall. Using your hands to help, wiggle your buttocks forward until they are touching the wall.

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Start breathing deeply in and out. Slowly open your legs as far apart as is comfortable. You are not looking for a leg stretch here; you are looking to totally relax your body. In this position your spine is in neutral, so it's very relaxed. Now you need to focus on your breathing and listening to the beat of your heart. Mediate on the beats. Imagine that each beat is a pulse from the sun. A warm gentle pulse of energy. In your mind, picture the sun pulses in total sync with your heart beat. See each ray of sunlight as it strobes outwards from the sun to the earth. Relax and breathe.

Now on the opposite end we have the onset of menopause. Menopause can be very aggravating due to fluctuations between being hot and cold. You put a sweater on and five minutes later take it off. There are a number of symptoms but let's look at getting some relief. Yoga can balance the endocrine system and help in leveling out the surging hormones.

There are several great poses that will be of benefit. Forward bending poses are the best for menopause issues. The downward dog helps you to focus inward. You will reflect on your new beginning and see menopause as a new challenge.

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Humans only grow when they have challenges and goals to reach. When we are tested and overcome, it gives positive meaning to our lives. A fine example would be the female who in her 80's decided that mountain climbing was much better than sitting home in a rocking chair. Embrace change and make it your friend.

Inversion poses help to recharge you. Try the handstand or even the plough. Many females have reported that by doing the handstand, their hot flashes were kept to a minimum.

To perform the handstand by yourself, (try to find a partner) it is best to have perhaps a futon for cushioning until you are able to stay in an upright position. Place the futon or even several thick blankets on the floor in front of a bare wall. Next, kneel in front of the wall about six inches away. Cross your arms and place them on the floor. Position your head against your arm and walk your feet up until you are in a triangle.

From here, kick your feet up so that your feet and legs are now against the wall. Since you may lose this position the first few times you try it, you will be thankful for the futon or blankets. When you are able to get up and hold this position, start focusing on your breathing. Hold for as long as comfortable.

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