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How to Feed Your Gold Fish

It has been said that gold fish are the easiest of pets to look after. Unlike other pets such as dogs and 4 legged creatures there is no need for training, litter training and so on.

Although you are limited in the interaction with a fish there is one important factor that needs careful monitoring, food.

Believe it or not gold fish are quite complex creatures and consume both plants and animals. Unlike most other aquatic creatures they can adapt to there environment whether it be scavenging for food or taking it from the surface after you have placed there favourite fish food in the tank.

One point to mention about these type of fish is that they have no stomach to store what they eat so you will find a small amount of food gets converted to waste rapidly.

This explains why they are always hungry, unlike animals like dogs that just eat and eat and have no idea when to stop! It is advised that your fish should be fed at a maximum of 2 times daily, no more.

What types of food do they eat?

A gold fish diet requirements are mainly based on high protein and carbohydrate products full of essential nutrients for growth and development.

You might think that a fish must be cold as it is being stuck in the water all the time but surprisingly they store carbohydrates for extra protection in cold weather, although ironic, this is true of all types of fish breeds.

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Some of the most common types of gold variety fish foods include flakes and pellets, larger g fish might find it easier to consume pellets while small varieties of fish would find it easier to consume flakes.

When you first get your gold fish, base its diet on one or another and supplement once in a while with a combination of pellets or other treats.

On that note gold fish can be fed frozen food which you can purchase from you local pet store such as worms and brine shrimp which is a favourite to these type of fish.

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It is advised to change your fishes diet every once in a while to keep it healthy and give it the best opportunity for growth.

Remember to check what food you are feeding them as many have made the mistake of feeding gold fish tropical fish food that provides no nutritional value and can harm your fish.

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